Cross-Town Schools

Seton Hall University is the host institution central to the Army ROTC Program and includes a well diversified student body from over 23 colleges in the northern New Jersey area.  Pirate Battalion is over 80 Cadets strong and proudly commissions 13 Second Lieutenants each year.  Although a majority of the Cadets are Seton Hall students, cross-town schools contribute a significant number of students to the program. 
Students attending one of the 23 cross-town universities in the northern New Jersey area may cross-enroll, participate, and complete the ROTC program through Seton Hall University. Training and classes are held on the campus of Seton Hall University.  Whether you're cross-enrolled or a Seton Hall student, you have a unique opportunity to greatly expand your social and professional network, broaden your college experience, and surround yourself with some of the best people in Northern NJ.

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