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The Department of Military Science offers excellent opportunities for experiential learning (using what you've learned in the classroom in real life situations like internships, study abroad and research opportunities).   ROTC Cadets can take advantage of additional training programs that not only help reinforce what they've learned, but provide an opportunity to travel to different parts of the country and world.  These programs offer unparalleled experiences that prepare students to be better military officers.
Task Force Pirate ROTC sends a number of qualified cadets to special training schools each year. Demonstrate your athletic, academic and tactical abilities, and you may earn yourself a slot at (to name a few):

  • Airborne School: Do you think you have what it takes to step up to the door of an aircraft, look down at the drop zone, jump 800 feet and land safely - ready to fight?  (Fort Benning, Georgia)

  • Air Assault School: With the rush of the rotor spinning just above and the ground shaking below, rappel from a helicopter and learn what it means to feel the Air Assault spirit.  (Fort Campbell, Kentucky)

  • Northern Warfare School: Be introduced to what it takes to survive in extreme weather conditions and mountain warfare in this extremely competitive school.  (Fort Greely, Alaska)

  • Mountain Warfare School: Become an expert in mountain operations if you can complete this 2 week physically and mentally intense course.  (Jericho, Vermont)

  •  Internships at the Pentagon, Intelligence / Law Enforcement Agencies, & Active Duty Divisions: The Cadet Professional Development Program provides Cadets with summer training opportunities .  The Internship track offers a myriad of opportunities for Cadets who seek additional training in specialized areas such as scientific application, engineering, nursing, medicine, intelligence, cultural awareness, and language proficiency. The internship types, locations, and allocations change significantly from year to year.

  • Culture Understanding and Language Program: CULP is an initiative to develop culture and language skills across the Army and training domains with over 270 internship opportunities in 20 countries.

Interested in Studying Abroad?

The Department of Military Science places a high level of emphasis on studying abroad as part of their mission of developing adaptive leaders able to confront the global challenges of tomorrow.   The Army ROTC scholarship also pays the tuition and fees associated with university-sponsored study abroad and foreign study courses. In addition, you can even have up to $6,000 of your travel expenses covered while you participate in one of these programs.   If you plan to study abroad, it's important to begin talking to your academic advisor and discuss the option with the ROTC admissions director so that you can plan your academic and military training schedule accordingly.

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