Procurement Policies and Procedures

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Advance Approval / Encumbrances
This policy describes how and when advances of university money for business trips are obtained and when appropriate..
Chase MasterCard Policy
This document is the official Chase credit card policy document for Seton Hall University.
Competitive Bidding
This policy describes when competitive bids must be obtained at Seton Hall University when procuring goods and services
Inter-Departmental Transfers
This policy indicates how a department purchases for another department and then charges back.
Order Process Policy
This policy provides information on the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods or services.
Purchasing Policy and Procedure Overview
This policy shows the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods and services.
Standing Purchase Orders
This policy indicates when the use of a standing purchase order is appropriate at Seton Hall University.
Tax Exempt Certificates
This policy indicates why Seton Hall University is exempt from sales and use tax in the various states listed below.
Travel & Receipt Policy
This is a statement of Seton Hall University policy on business, travel and entertainment expenses. It is applicable to all University employees
Travel and Entertainment
This policy provides information on Seton Hall University's overall travel and entertainment policy.
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