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Student Participation in Mobile Computing


Student Participation Policies:

Participation in the Mobile Computing Program is a requirement for all full time undergraduate students. 

  • The laptops for undergraduate students are replaced at the end of their sophomore year.
  • First time / full time undergraduate students are issued a new laptop at their orientation.
  • Transfer students are issued a laptop appropriate to their class once their transfer credits have been finalized.
  • Students who graduate in four years (or less) are eligible to keep their laptop after graduation. Students who require a fifth year (or beyond) have a choice of either keeping their senior laptop with a reduction in their Mobile Computing Fee upgrading their computer to the latest model and paying the appropriate buyout if they wish to keep their laptop upon graduation.

For graduate programs participation in the Mobile Computing Program is determined by the college or program.

  • Currently participation in the Mobile Computing Program is required for all students in Accelerated Nursing and Second Degree Nursing. The fee schedule and replacement schedule is customized for each program depending on the program's length.
Students in the Mobile Computing Program receive a University standard laptop computer, with the following exceptions:
  • As part of the Tablet PC Pilot Project, students in the physical, biological, chemistry, computer sciences and mathematical sciences receive a Tablet PC.
  • As part of the Mac Pilot Project, students in Graphic Design with an Advertising Art majors /minor or Communications with a concentration in Graphics receive an Apple MacBook computer for the junior refresh.
  • Students in the Accelerated Nursing Program at Georgian Court College (GCC) receive a Dell laptop, so that the GCC IT department can repair or replace their laptops.
Faculty Eligibility Policies:

All full time faculty are eligible to use a University issued laptop computer. 

  • For the purposes of this policy, “faculty” includes full time instructors, faculty associates, and academic administrators with direct responsibility for instruction, such as deans, assistant deans, program directors, mentors, and the like.
  • Full time faculty are eligible to replace their University-issued laptop computer every two years. Faculty may elect to keep their University-issued laptop a third year. It is the University's policy to replace all University owned laptop computers after three years.
  • Faculty have their choice of the University standard laptop computer or the University standard Tablet PC. Faculty teaching in the music and graphic arts programs can elect to receive a Apple MacBook as part of the Mac Pilot Project.
  • The Mobile Computing Program typically issues only one computer per user. The Mobile Computing Program typically does not issue printers, scanners, monitors, or other peripherals to program participants. Faculty with specialized technology needs should work with their department or college to address those specialized needs. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and depend on available resources.

All part time instructors, including adjunct faculty, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and research assistants, are eligible to the use of a two year old laptop from the University.

Effective Date

September 1, 1997

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