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University Life-Core 1001


You may find the following links useful for answering questions and offering support as your student begins this new and exciting journey. The course aims to provide students with academic and personal success; integrate computer technology into academic instruction; familiarize students with University resources and opportunities; improve reading, writing, and analytical skills and support the University mission of “forming students to be servant leaders in a global society.”

The University Life course is taken in the Fall, in addition to the normal 5 course, 15-credit load. University Life is taught by the Freshman Studies mentors with assistance from the peer advisors. Students meet once a week for 50 minutes throughout the semester to discuss various topics that affect first-year students. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and activities; create an e-portfolio; attend one COMPASS event and one “International” event at SHU; complete ten hours of community service; complete the Focus-2 assessment and familiarize oneself with one SHU club or organization.  With numerous opportunities to explore different clubs and organizations and perform community service through Core 1001, students are able to make the most out of their first year at Seton Hall University.

Fall 2013 Course Calendar

Week 01
8/26 – 8/30
Welcome and Introductions/"Chess vs. Checkers"
Review syllabus, article and Paradigm Shift
Week 02
9/3 – 9/9
Personal Mission Statement
Bring your montage of pictures hat represents your values, goals, and purpose. Additional directions in "Course Documents"
Week 03
9/10 – 9/16
Book Discussion - The Glass Castle
Bring The Glass Castle to class for discussion
Week 04
9/17 – 9/23
ePortfolio Bring laptops to class for ePortfolio lesson
Week 05
9/24 – 9/30
Technology Tools
Required reading found in "Course Documents." Bring laptop to class to review technology tool ("Welcome Page" and "Personal Mission Statement" due/ePortfolio)
Week 06
10/1- 10/7
Walking tour of Walsh Library (The Glass Castle ePortfolio page due)
Week 07
10/8 – 10/11 and


Study Skills
Required reading found in "Course Documents"
Week 08
10/22 – 10/28
Registration Required reading found in "Course Documents.: Make an appointment on Starfish to meet with your mentor for advisement meeting.
Week 9
10/29  – 11/4
Academic Honesty and Integrity
Required reading found in "Course Documents" 
Week 10
11/5– 11/11
Identity and Civic Awareness
Required reading found in "Course Documents" 
Week 11
11/12 – 11/18
Digital Footprint
Required reading found in "Course Documents"
Week 12

11/19 - 11/25

Career Exploration
Required reading found in "Course Documents"

"Community Service" ePortfolio page due. Community Service Verification Form due.

11/26 – 11/30
Thanksgiving break
Week 13
12/2 – 12/6 
Wrap-Up Wrap Up - "Paradigm Shift" and "Career Exploration" ePortfolio pages due.


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