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Account Generation Processes

User accounts that provide access to various IT resources are created and maintained by the Department of Information Technology to support the academic and administrative work of members of the University community.

account,generation,IT,information technology,banner,email,office 365,office365,piratenet,blackboardAccount Generation Processes

Advance Approval/Encumbrances

This policy describes how and when advances of university money for business trips are obtained and when appropriate..

encumbranceAdvance Approval/Encumbrances

Appropriate Use Policy

Seton Hall has an appropriate use policy which governs the use of IT resources on campus.

appropriate use,enforcement,principles,rights of access,user expectations,user responsibilitiesAppropriate Use Policy

Blackboard Course Site Retention Policy

The policy for Blackboard Course Site Retention.

blackboard,course,policy,procedures,retention,siteBlackboard Course Site Retention Policy

Broadcast Email Guidelines

Seton Hall has created the following e-mail guidelines to govern the use of the University e-mail system.

account,announcements,broadcasts,e-mail,guidelines,hoaxes,violationsBroadcast Email Guidelines

Campus Email Use Guidelines

This policy outlines the processes used to create, maintain and delete user accounts on Seton Hall University's email systems.

policy,use,email,guidelines,accounts,technology,employees,faculty,students,alumniCampus Email Use Guidelines

Chase MasterCard Policy

This document is the official Chase credit card policy document for Seton Hall University.

chase,credit,mastercard,policyChase MasterCard Policy

Competitive Bidding

This policy describes when competitive bids must be obtained at Seton Hall University when procuring goods and services

bidding,competitiveCompetitive Bidding

Computer Lab Software Installation Policy

This policy outlines the process for installing new software applications in the public computer labs.

computer lab,software installationComputer Lab Software Installation Policy

Computer Viruses and Malware Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect Seton Hall University technology resources and data against intrusion by viruses and other malware.

computing,information technology,it,malware,virus,security,computer,network,antivirusComputer Viruses and Malware Policy

Confined Space Entry Procedure

Assuring that proper precautions are taken when entering confined spaces within the facility.

Policies,confined space,entry procedure,facilities,facilities engineering,officesConfined Space Entry Procedure

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conflict of interest and commitment policy for officers and employees of Seton Hall University.

administrative,announcement,conflict,conflict of commitment,conflict of interest,statementConflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Policy)

The Whistleblower Act protects employees against retaliatory action.

compliance,protection,employees,whistleblower,conscientiousConscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Policy)

Contract / Vendor ID Card Policy

To provide a means of immediately identifying what contractors and vendors employed by the DFE are working on campus.

facilities,facilities engineering,offices,vendor idContract / Vendor ID Card Policy

Cranes, Hoists, and Picks

This document establishes the standard operating guidelines for the safe use of cranes or hoists to lift material and equipment on campus.

cranes,facilities,facilities engineering,hoists,offices,picks,policyCranes, Hoists, and Picks

Data Classification Security Policy

Any person who uses, stores or accesses data contained in the University’s technology systems has the responsibility to safeguard that data.

data,security,information technology,policy,classification,privacyData Classification Security Policy

Email Archiving (ArchiveOne) Policies and Procedures

This policy covers the procedures for using the University's C2C ArchiveOne e-mail archiving system.

e-mail,archive,mailbox,it,technologyEmail Archiving (ArchiveOne) Policies and Procedures

Enterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Policy and Program

Risk management and regulatory compliance are fundamental responsibilities of University leadership and management.

risk,management,compliance,regulatory,mitigationEnterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Policy and Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Statement

Seton Hall University is committed to programs of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEO/AA).

aa,age,andti-discrimination,compliance,disability,discrimination,eeo,employees,employment,equal,equal opportunity employment,federal,opportunity,president,stateEqual Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Statement

Faculty Laptop Distribution

The faculty laptop distribution policy provides information for faculty on how to scheduling a distribution appointment.

distribution,doIT,faculty,laptop,laptop distribution,pc support,pcssFaculty Laptop Distribution

Faculty Laptop Refresh

The faculty laptop refresh policy describes faculty eligibility to upgrade their current computer to the latest model.

doIT,faculty,laptop refresh,pc support,pcss,upgradeFaculty Laptop Refresh

Faculty Participation in Mobile Computing

There are several faculty specific policies that govern participation in the Mobile Computing Program.

Mobile Computing,Policies,administrators,employees,faculty,refresh,repairsFaculty Participation in Mobile Computing

Fire Emergencies

The University Fire Safety Program is coordinated by the Department of Public Safety & Security (PS&S).

emergency,evacuation,fire,fire suppression,public safety,safety,securityFire Emergencies

Fuel Tank Emergency Procedure and SPCC Plan

The Fuel Tank Emergency Procedure and SPCC Plan describes the facility's response guidelines to control and remove the released materials and the steps to follow to place all human lives affected by the release out of harm's way.

emergency,facilities,facilities engineering,fuel tank,office,policy,procedureFuel Tank Emergency Procedure and SPCC Plan

Guidelines for Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Guidelines for Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, Seton Hall University

complaints,guidelines,discrimination,harassment,retaliation,policyGuidelines for Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Identity Theft Prevention Policy and Program

The Identity Theft Prevention Policy and Program for Seton Hall University

compliance,compliance office,identity theft prevention,identity theft prevention policy,identity theft prevention programIdentity Theft Prevention Policy and Program

Inter-Departmental Transfers

This policy indicates how a department purchases for another department and then charges back.

IDT,departmental,inter,transfersInter-Departmental Transfers

Laptop Image Software Installation Policy

This policy outlines the process for evaluating, procuring, and installing new software for the laptop image.

installation,laptop software image,procurement,software application,testingLaptop Image Software Installation Policy

Loaner Laptop Guidelines

This policy governs governs the use of the loaner laptops available through the TLTC Loaner Pool.

TLTC,guidelines,loanerLoaner Laptop Guidelines

Mobile Computing - Student Participation Policies

There are several student specific policies that govern participation in the Mobile Computing Program.

Mobile Computing,Policies,check-in,fees,fines,refresh,repairsMobile Computing - Student Participation Policies

Negotiating and Entering into Contracts and Leases

This policy ensures the timely and appropriate formulation and internal review of contracts and leases entered by SHU.

Auxiliary Services,business affairs,contracts,leases,negotiationsNegotiating and Entering into Contracts and Leases

Order Process Policy

This policy provides information on the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods or services.

Process,order,policyOrder Process Policy

Password Policy, Standards and Guidelines

In order to protect both your and the University’s information and resources, the Department of Information Technology has formulated password standards and guidelines.

authentication,doIT,information technology,password,security,security information security,strong password,technology,verificationPassword Policy, Standards and Guidelines

Permit Program for Hot Work

Seton Hall University recognizes that there is a potential for injury to people and damage to property that can result from fire or sparks that arises when hot work is performed outside of a designated safe hot work area.

Policies,facilities,facilities engineering,hot work,permitPermit Program for Hot Work

Personal Vehicle Use

Policies and procedures for using a personal vehicle for company business.

accident,automobile,business,business affairs,driver,driver's license,license,maintenance,motor,motor vehicle,personal vehicle,vehicle,vehicle safetyPersonal Vehicle Use

Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

The University is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other unlawful conduct and that assures the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals.

retaliation,harassment,discrimination,policy,general counselPolicy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Policy on Confidential Information

Seton Hall University employees who have been given access to confidential information, have a resonsibility to protect this sensitive and personal data.

data,confidentiality,access,information technology,banner,personal,financial academicPolicy on Confidential Information

Policy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

As a non-profit organization, Seton Hall University is required annually to file Internal Revenue Service Form 990, the "Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax."

policy,IRS,forms,990,990-t,exempt,income tax,internal revenuePolicy on the Preparation, Review and Approval of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

Public Computer Lab Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines that govern the use of the Public Computer Labs.

guidelines,pcss,public labPublic Computer Lab Guidelines

Public Lab Reservation Policy

This policy outlines the terms and conditions for using a public lab as a teaching or meeting space.

policy,public lab,reservationPublic Lab Reservation Policy

Purchasing Policy & Procedure Overview

This policy shows the various ways in which Seton Hall University employees can procure goods and services.

overview,policy,purchasingPurchasing Policy & Procedure Overview


Outlines the recycling effort on campus.

facilities,facilities engineering,office,policy,recyclingRecycling

Remote Access (VPN) Policy

This policy applies to all SHU, employees, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, and all personnel affiliated with third party employers utilizing the VPN to access the SHU Network.

it,information technology,vpn,networkRemote Access (VPN) Policy

Screening Room Use

Guidelines for use of the Screening Room in Fahy Hall 203B.

film,foreign,language,movie,screening roomScreening Room Use

Separation of Duties within Information Systems

Separation of duties is one tool used to ensure the integrity and security of the University’s data and information systems.

policy,it,information systems,computer,technology,duties,security,data,integrity,hipaaSeparation of Duties within Information Systems

Standing Purchase Orders

This policy indicates when the use of a standing purchase order is appropriate at Seton Hall University.

orders,purchase,standingStanding Purchase Orders

Student Participation in Mobile Computing

All full-time undergraduate students, graduate students in select programs, and faculty participate in Mobile Computing.

Mobile Computing,adjunct faculty,faculty,graduate assistants,graduate students,laptops,participation,undergraduate studentsStudent Participation in Mobile Computing

Student Technology Assistant (STA) Policy

The following policies pertain to students who participate in the Student Technology Assistant Program.

Policies,STA mission,TLT Center,TLTC,pc support,pcss,policy,professional conduct,responsibility,staStudent Technology Assistant (STA) Policy

Tax Exempt Certificates

This policy indicates why Seton Hall University is exempt from sales and use tax in the various states listed below.

tax certificateTax Exempt Certificates

Technology Purchase Procedures

University IT Services has established guidelines and procedures for all technology purchases.

IT,technology,purchase,equipment,software,computers,wireless,devices,network,servers,peripherals,printer,hubTechnology Purchase Procedures

Travel & Receipt Policy

This is a statement of Seton Hall University policy on business, travel and entertainment expenses. It is applicable to all University employees

Auxiliary Services,Overnight,Policies,accommodations,car rentals,employees,entertainment,ira,personnel,policy,procurement,receipt,reimburse,travel,universityTravel & Receipt Policy

Travel and Entertainment

This policy provides information on Seton Hall University's overall travel and entertainment policy.

entertainment,travelTravel and Entertainment

University Policy Regarding Mobile Devices Accessing Campus Network Services

University employees may wish to access campus network services such as email using their mobile device.

policy,it,information technology,mobile,network,access,securityUniversity Policy Regarding Mobile Devices Accessing Campus Network Services

Utility Shutdown and Notification

This document establishes the standard operating guidelines for shutting off any utility to a building or any section of campus.

facilities,facilities engineering,office,policy,procedures,utility shutdownUtility Shutdown and Notification

Vehicle Safety

Policies and procedures for operating University-owned vehicles.

accident,automobile,business,business affairs,driver,driver's license,license,maintenance,motor,motor vehicle,vehicle,vehicle safetyVehicle Safety
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