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Holiday Decoration Guidelines


The following guidelines pertain to Seton Hall Buildings and are intended to allow for the placement of festive decorations while ensuring a safe campus environment and adherence to the N.J Uniform Fire Code.

  • Live Christmas Trees, wreaths, garland or other combustible materials (e.g grass, hay, leaves, and stalks) are not permitted in the residence halls. These items are also prohibited in all buildings unless approved.
  • Artificial Christmas trees shall be made of flame retardant material and UL listed.
  • Combustible under tree decoration, i.e. tree skirts or decorative gift packages are prohibited, unless approved.
  • Holiday or “strung” lights are not permitted in any area of the residence halls or outside of the residence halls. These items are also prohibited in and outside of all buildings unless approved.
  • Candles are prohibited in all residence halls.
  • Candles are prohibited in all buildings except for the Chapel or other places of religious assembly, unless approved by the University and the South Orange Fire Department.
  • Holiday decorations are not to be hung from the ceiling or suspended from overhead pipes.
  • Decorations may not cover more than 10 percent of the wall area, unless fire proofed in an approved manner, and shall not be placed within six feet (6’-0”) of any fire safety device or equipment (e.g. smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, pull stations, alarm horns and strobe lights, exit signs, fire extinguishers).
  • All exit doors are to be visible at all times and remain clear of all decorating materials.
  • Decorations may not completely cover any room door – i.e. wrapping paper over door, posters, etc.
  • Exit stairwells must be free of all materials, furniture or decorations.
  • Streamers or other hanging decorations are not permitted in doorways or exit stairwells.
  • Lights in common areas or public spaces may not be turned off, dimmed, or covered in any manner.

The Fire Department, Compliance Office, Campus Fire Inspector, Public Safety, or the Housing and Residence Life Staff may order the immediate removal of any decoration that violates these guidelines or is deemed unsafe.

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