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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student run governing body of Seton Hall University.  The SGA is comprised of the Executive Board and the Student Senate.  SGA is represented by students from across campus and each Senate seat represents one of the academic schools as well as multiple student constituencies.  SGA oversees over 100 clubs and organizations which includes groups for academic, cultural, social, honor societies and political interests.  Our goals are to represent the voices of all Seton Hall students and also to meet the needs of student interests and connect students to leadership opportunities, other students and new experiences.

Visit the SGA Blog for more information on getting involved and to see what SGA is up to this semester.

The SGA Executive Board is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  

  • SGA President: Joseph Donato
  • SGA Vice President: Mario Costa
  • SGA Treasurer: Ashley Jefferson  
  • SGA Secretary: Dolores Bujnowski
  • SGA Speaker: Drew Holden

The SGA Senate is made up for 30 elected students representing various constituencies. 

  • At-Large Senators (6)
  • Arts and Science Senators (6)
  • Business Senators (3)
  • Diplomacy Senators (2)
  • Nursing Senators (2)
  • Education Senators (2)
  • Resident Senators (2)
  • Commuter Senators (2)
  • Freshman Senators (3)
  • International Senator (1)
  • ROTC Senator (1)


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