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Career/Education Preparation:

  • 4219 students and alumni participated in more than 179 career programs
    (resume/interviewing, career education/assessment, networking forums and career fairs).
  • 3016 individualized career advising/counseling sessions were held with 1508 students and alumni.

Career-based Experiential Education Participation:

  • 73% of 2013 graduates had participated in a university-sponsored, career-based experiential education program (lnternship, Clinical, Practicum and/or Student Teaching). The School of Diplomacy and International Relations, College of Education and Human Services, College of Nursing, and Sport Management majors are required to complete career-based experiential education programs to fulfill degree requirements.

lnternship Highlights:

  • 603 University-approved lnternships were reported.
  • 97% of Arts & Sciences internship employers rated their intern's performance as "Exceeds Expectations" or "Meets Expectations".
  • 99% of Stillman internship employers rated their intern's performance as "Exceeds Expectations" or "Meets Expectations".

Career Status of Graduates:

  • Within six months of graduation, the career-related employment rate for 2012 graduates was 84% (2013 data will be available in December, 2013.)
  • Average starting salary for 2013 baccalaureate graduates -$45,355 (Nursing-$45,000, Business-$50,606, Diplomacy- $40,357 Education-$36,000, Arts and Sciences-$38,594
  • 20% of 2013 graduates pursued graduate school (Acceptance Rates as of May 2012: College of Arts & Sciences-77%, College of Education and Human Services -92%, Stillman School of Business- 71%, School of Theology-64%, School of Diplomacy and International Relations–67%)

Employer Recruitment:

  • 311 organizations attended career recruiting events that included the On-Campus lnterviewing Program and multi-school career fair collaborations. Campus recruiting events targeted specific industries and included: the annual Career Fair, Education Career Fair, Healthcare Professions Networking and Recruiting Forum, Careers in Business, Communications Networking Forum, the Nursing Networking Forum, and the Science Networking Forum. Multí-school collaborations included the Big East Virtual Career Fair and the Big East Career Fair that was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
  • 116 organizations attended industry specific networking forums that were designed to increase students' networking, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • 37 organizations participated in The Career Center's On-Campus Interviewing Program (OCI) during the 2012-13 academic year.

Web Based Career Resources:

  • Career resources include online career assessments, an eRecruiting system that posts thousands of employment opportunities (part-time, internship and professional), web-based resume writing and interviewing practice and tutorials, and a variety of career research tools.


  • 108 alumni represented their organizations at career fairs and networking forums and/or served as program presenters and on-campus interviewers.
  • 2940 experienced-level professional jobs were posted to Alumni Navigator, a dedicatedjob board exclusively for Seton Hall alumní.
  • The Career Center manages an extensive alumni career mentor program (Pirate Mentors)

Stillman Facts:

  • 297 internships were reported by Stillman students. By graduation, 80% of seniors had participated in at least one internship experience.
  • 99% of Stillman internship employers rated their intern's performance as "Exceeds Expectations" or "Meets Expectations".
  • Average hourly internship earnings for Stillman undergraduates: $15.34
  • 86% of Stillman graduates received a professional job offer from their internship employer.
  • Average starting salary for Stillman 2013 graduates: $ 50,606 (May, 2013).
  • Within three months of graduation, 2013 Stillman graduates' employment rate was 84%.

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