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Tuition Payment Policy:

Prior to beginning the semester, all students must ensure that all financial responsibilities to the University are satisfied.  As payment of accounts at Seton Hall usually involves both financial aid and direct payments, it is necessary for all students to handle these matters before returning to campus.

If this obligation is not met:

  • Registration and Transcript Holds will be applied to your account
  • You may be subject to future pre-payment prior to registration
  • Guest and visitor privileges may be suspended
  • You will not have access to the recreation facilities.

If your account is still not settled by the end of add/drop, you can expect to be required to check out of your residence hall. If your plans to live on campus have changed, please notify Housing & Residence Life immediately so we can assign someone who is on our wait list.

Tuition and Costs:

Check your Account Balance:

  1. Log in to PirateNet using your username and password.
  2. Click on the "Profile and Finances" tab.
  3. Click on "View and Pay My Bill."
  4. Proceed to "Pay My Bill."

Please Note: Electronic billing is the official means of distributing student bills. Each time a bill is available, an e-mail will be sent to the student's Seton Hall University e-mail account. This notification will also be sent to any additional "billing" e-mail address that students have designated for a third party, such as a parent or guardian.  Students can access their e-bill through the PirateNet portal.

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Tuition Payment Methods:

Students may use one of the following payment options to pay their bills:

Online through PirateNet:

  • Electronic check or echeck (No convenience fee.)
  • Credit Card (Convenience fee charged.)

In person in Bayley Hall, Room 121:

  • Check (Personal, Certified, Cashier's checks accepted)
  • Cash
  • Money Order

Credit Card Payments

  • As of July 1, 2013, Seton Hall University accepts all major credit cards
  • Payment by credit card carries a convenience fee of 2.75 percent of the amount charged. 
  • The minimum convenience charge is $3.

Payment Plan Options:

TuitionPay, in cooperation with Seton Hall University, is an Interest-Free monthly tuition payment plan offered through Sallie Mae.

Seton Hall University offers a deferred payment plan that provides you with flexibility and time to meet your financial obligation. The monthly payment plan is administered in conjunction with the Bursar's Office. The tuition payment plan is an interest-free option that breaks down the large lump sum payments due at the beginning of each semester into easy-to-manage installments. The plan is typically spread over a few months starting in July. Additional information on the payment plan can be found by visiting If you select this option, there is an enrollment fee due with your first payment, but no interest accrues and no additional fees. Late fees will be applied if payment is late.

TuitionPay does not offer a payment plan for any summer sessions.

More information and on-line enrollment is available at the TuitionPay web site, or by calling 1-800-635-0120. 

Students who default on deferred payment arrangements will be removed from current and/or future classes immediately upon default. Late fees will be assessed and continue to accrue until payment in full is received.

Late Fees:

Payment in full is required by the bill's due date.  Any amounts unpaid after this date are subject to late fees.  A maximum of $250 per semester in late fees will be assessed to accounts unpaid beyond the due date for each term.

Returned Checks:

Checks returned unpaid from a bank for any reason are subject to a $35 returned check fee in addition to late fees.  All students are notified by an e-mail or letter of any returned checks received by the Bursar.  A returned e-check fee of $15 applies to any online check payments.
The student will not be allowed to re-register for classes until after the account is settled.   A registration hold will be placed on the student's record until the balance is resolved through an alternate payment method.  Alternate payment options are credit card, cash, money order or cashier/bank check. 

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