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Billing and Payments FAQs

  1. How will I receive my bill?
    Seton Hall sends electronic bills or 'e-Bills' ONLY. Each time an e-Bill is generated, an e-mail will be sent to your SHU e-mail. It is important to log on to PirateNet and view your account each time you receive this notice.

  2. Can I allow someone else to view and pay my e-Bill?
    Yes. Click here for instructions and videos on How to Allow Someone Else to Pay my Bill. The person you add will be able to view and pay your e-Bill as well as receive notification each time your new e-Bill is available.

  3. When will I receive my e-Bill?
    The first e-bill for each semester is sent before classes begin:

    Fall Semester Payment Due: August 8
    Spring Semester Payment Due: December 22
    Summer Semester Payment Due: May 27

    Thereafter, e-bills are only sent if you have a balance due or an adjustment was made to your account. If you register after the first e-bill is sent, you will receive one the next month. If you make any changes to your registration, you should always log onto PirateNet to check your account. Please note, an e-bill will not be generated if you are not registered for classes.

  4. Can I pay my tuition bill with an electronic check (e-check)?
    Yes. Please login to PirateNet. Click on the "Profile and Finances" tab. In the Bursar Account box, select "View and Pay My Bill”. There is no fee associated with a payment by e-check.

  5. What if I would prefer to use a paper check or money order?
    Make the check or money order payable to Seton Hall University, together with the top portion of your e-Bill. Please be sure to list the student ID number on the check or money order. You can mail the payment to the University's bank processing center:

    Seton Hall University
    P.O. Box 416942
    Boston, MA 02241-6942

  6. Can I pay my tuition bill with credit card?
    Yes. Seton Hall University accepts all major credit cards. Credit card payments are processed online through your PirateNet account and are assessed a 2.75 percent convenience fee based on the total amount being charged. Minimum convenience fee charge is $3. To make a credit card payment, log in to PirateNet. Click on the "Profile and Finances" tab. In the "My Bursar Account" box, select "View and Pay My Bill.”

  7. What types of payment plans are available at Seton Hall University?
    Seton Hall does not offer internal payment plans. We use Tuition Payment Plan to provide students and their families a term based payment plan for current terms only. There are two payment plans available, the 4-Pay Plan and the 5-Pay Plan as follows:
    TermPlan Payment Dates
    to Enroll

    June 2, July 2, August 2, September 2, October 2 August 2
     4-Pay August 2, September 2, October 2, November 2 September 12
    November 2, December 2, January 2, February 2, March 2 December 2
     4-PayDecember 2, January 2, February 2, March 2
    February 2
    Summer Not offered
    The enrollment fee is $35.00. You can enroll on the Tuition Payment Plan website ( ).
    • Prior payment history with SHU may prevent participation.

  8. What if I have tuition reimbursement from my company?
    If you receive tuition reimbursement directly from your employer, you are still required to pay your tuition bill in the same manner as all other students. Reimbursement agreements are solely between the student and their employer. Payments cannot be postponed until students receive their reimbursements from their employers.

  9. I receive funding that requires an invoice or voucher to be submitted by Seton Hall University. When will my letter of credit, payment voucher, or invoice be sent to my third party payer?
    Invoices cannot be submitted to any third party payers until after the Add/Drop period is over. Once your invoice and/or voucher is submitted by SHU to your third party, you will see a notice appear on your bill such as “Invoiced Third Party.” Please be sure that we are aware of your needs and have a copy of your Letter of Credit or other required paperwork prior to the Add/Drop period to expedite this process. Late fees are applicable to any balance due that is not covered by your funding. If there is a delay in funding beyond 30 days of SHU submitting, you may be responsible and required to pay late fees.

  10. What if I register for courses, add a meal plan or make other changes that effect the amount I owe after the semester due date, should I wait for a bill?
    No. Students are responsible for ensuring their accounts are fully paid throughout the semester. Non-receipt of a bill is not grounds for non-payment or late payment of your account. Payment for changes in tuition, room and board, technology or computing fees, as well as any fines or fees incurred during the semester, is due immediately. Students can view their bursar account online anytime using the PirateNet portal.

  11. If my current e-bill is incorrect, should I wait for an updated bill before I submit my payment? (Example: Pending Financial Aid does not appear, changes in Meal Plan or Housing, pending charges or fines.
    No. You are required to pay the amount reflected on your bill by the due date.

    If your bill does not reflect expected financial aid, this typically means there are outstanding requirements you or your parent(s) may need to complete. Questions regarding your financial aid should be directed to

    If your bill does not reflect your correct meal plan and room charges, please contact

    We recommend students monitor their account using the on-line self-service access in PirateNet and remit timely payments.

  12. What should I do if my semester bill is due but I am still in the financial aid verification process and don't know my financial aid award amount?
    We recommend you enroll in the payment plan and begin to remit payments. When your financial aid is verified, you can contact to recalculate your TuitionPay payment plan accordingly.

  13. How do I waive my Health Insurance?
    If you do not require Seton Hall University’s insurance plan, you must submit a health insurance waiver each academic year. Log into Pirate Net and click the Profile & Finances tab. Then click Submit Health Insurance Waiver. For more information, cost and due date, please visit the Health Services website.

  14. How do I get a refund?
    Please read about the new process »

  15. What if I cannot pay tuition charges, should I drop the classes?
    You may drop classes prior to the end of the semester’s add/drop period. Following add/drop you will still be charged tuition and related fees. Any questions regarding payment problems should be directed to

    To receive information from a specific department, please click on the appropriate link:

  16. Why hasn’t my SHU Tuition Remission benefit been applied yet?
    The tuition remission award is often posted to the financial aid packages late in the term, sometimes after the bill due date. Regardless of posting, the student is still responsible for paying all non-tuition charges such as fees and room and board by the bill due date or a late fee may be applied to the account. For further questions regarding Tuition Remission or if you do not see it reflected on your bill, please visit the Financial Aid or Human Resources websites for more information.

  17. Late fees are applied to student accounts with a past due balance. Late Fees are applied as follows:
    • Current Students: Late fees are applied twice per semester. Each late fee is posted in the amount of 7.5% of the past due balance. The       maximum per semester is $250.
    • Nonregistered Students: Late fees are applied once per semester. Each late fee is posted in the amount of 15% of the past due balance. The maximum per semester is $250.

    Late Fee Appeals:
    Students may appeal late fees only after the past-due balance has been paid in full. To appeal a late fee, students must send an e-mail to the Bursar’s Office e-mail ( explaining the reasoning for the late payment. Students who have not had any prior late fees may be eligible to have their most recent late fee waived as a One-Time Courtesy.

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