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PirateThon 2015
Register to Dance to Fight Cancer

PirateThon is Seton Hall’s annual dance marathon to benefit The Valerie Fund. Begins Feb. 20 at 8 p.m. Help children with cancer and blood disorders.

John Borgese
Pirate's Eye On John Borgese

Pirate Press sat down with John Borgese, director, corporate alumni relations, to discuss his role at the University.

Paul Ferris
Irish Language Workshop

Learn Irish with the Pirates of Irish Persuasion & Extraction (PIPE) Alumni Club on Friday, February 6.

PIPE Alumni Club Upcoming Events

Interested in Irish culture? Join the Pirates of Irish Persuasion &Extraction (PIPE) Alumni Club for upcoming events!

Big East Basketball
Holiday BIG EAST Basketball

Spend your holiday with Seton Hall basketball as the men's and women's teams take on top-ranked BIG EAST rivals.


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