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Community Health & Wellness Fair To Take Place On July 22  

Health Fair The Second Annual Community Health & Wellness Fair will take place at the Boylan Recreation Center in the West Ward of Newark, NJ on Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The fair is a partnership between Seton Hall's College of Nursing and The Department of Recreational/Cultural & Senior Services, sponsored by West Ward Councilman Joseph A. (“Joe”) McCallum.

According to Ann Marie Sailsman, D.N.P, Clinical Instructor in the College of Nursing and organizer for the Health Fair, the primary purpose of the fair is to reduce health disparities and to “build a culture of health” in the West Ward and surrounding Newark communities. She states, “By providing health screenings, health education on chronic disease prevention and management to the residents and linking them to the various resources available, the hope is to improve health outcomes, quality of life and life expectancy. We know that the more resources an individual has access to, the better the health outcomes.”

The Community Health & Wellness Fair will include screenings for issues related to diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and provide health education and workshops on: asthma, heart attack/stroke, cancer prevention, senior health, pain management, child health/safety, lead, obesity , Zika, WIC and nutrition counseling; health insurance information; community and social services; and mental health and substance abuse education. It will also provide services such as instruction in physical fitness and sports, including Zumba, Yoga, aerobics and activities for the kids.

“Joe” McCallum states, “As the West Ward Councilperson, I have a goal toward improving the quality of life of Newark residents. Though I am Councilperson of the West Ward, I am the Chairperson of the Municipal Heath Committee. I have a long history in the healthcare field, and I take the health of Newark residents very seriously. Being that Seton Hall has been so kind to partner with us, I am very excited to be doing this Health Fair with the University for the 2nd consecutive year. After all, SHU sits literally right next to the western end of the Ward, and they have shown great interest in being more involved in helping Newark's citizens in our great City. Right now, Newark lacks the necessary resources to do many of the programs that we would like to do, so it is of paramount importance to reach out to our local stakeholders. SHU has "answered the bell", and the City of Newark is very grateful.”

Previously, the only other such health events taking place were at the colleges in downtown Newark. With over 280,000 residents in the city, a lack of resources has necessitated reaching out for assistance. Seton Hall’s help will allow McCallum to achieve the goal of continuing the Fair for many years to come. “For me, one’s health has to be ‘job #1’”. After all, Newark has many areas that we are working to improve, but if the residents are not healthy, nothing else really matters, or should I say everything else matters less. Being healthy and feeling good leads to an improved quality of life, it helps individuals feel better about themselves, which I believe leads to a better community.”

Dean Marie Foley of the College of Nursing views their participation as a critical piece to community engagement and influencing a better future through practice and service to its fellow citizens. She states, “Giving back to our community is of key importance to SHU College of Nursing. We are delighted once again to collaborate with Councilman Joe McCallum and the Department of Recreational/Cultural & Senior Services in the Community Health and Wellness Fair.”

The Second Annual Community Health and Wellness Fair will take place on Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Boylan Recreation Center, 916 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ.

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  • Ann Marie Sailsman
  • (973) 761-9272
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