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Five Nursing Graduates Turned Co-Workers  

Nursing After graduating from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) program at the College of Nursing together last spring, Phoebe Hanna, Frankki DeGirolamo, Michael Fielder, Gershon Clark, and Alyssa Ingravallo have found themselves in the same cohort for the Nurse Residency Program at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ. This nurse residency program is designed to help acclimate new graduate nurses (RN) into the field of nursing.

Phoebe Hanna, from Princeton, NJ acts as a medical-surgical nurse in the residency program. Hanna began her history with St. Barnabas Medical Center during her nursing education at Seton Hall. "Three of my clinical rotations were at St. Barnabas. My clinical instructors helped me develop my skills while my lecture professors helped me gain a foundation of the science and theory." Hanna's relationship with her fellow graduates who now work at the same hospital started years ago.

Hanna said, "We have all been in the same classes, had the same professors, had clinicals together and have worked on assignments and studied together."

Among the group of classmates turned co-workers is Frankki DeGirolamo, a resident of Old Ridge, NJ, and an RN in the Emergency Department of the hospital. While at Seton Hall, DeGirolamo was the president of Delta Phi Epsilon, and the Off-campus event coordinator for the Senior Class Council, all while being a dedicated nursing student and employee. While working an externship with St. Barnabas in the Burn Intensive Care Unit, DeGirolamo found a position as a Burn Technician to take on during her senior year. She found her interest in burns when one of her professors brought the Administrative Director of the Eastern Regional Burn Disaster Consortium to speak in class one day.

DeGirolamo said, "The way she spoke about burns and how interested and dedicated she was to the subject really rubbed off on me." She hopes to gain as much experience as possible working on the Burn ICU and eventually go back to school to further strengthen her leadership and management skills.

While in the College of Nursing, DeGirolamo also developed a close friendship with fellow graduate Gershon Clark, from Jackson, NJ, who is now an RN in the Emergency Department at St. Barnabas. Clark said, "Frankki and I have been very close friends since our second year in the nursing program. She has always had my back and I had hers, with the ultimate goal of pushing each other to the end and finishing the program together."

DeGirolamo and Clark not only successfully pushed each other through the nursing program but now, at St. Barnabas, Clark is inspired to push himself to "keep up with the pace and broaden his knowledge as a nurse," with the ultimate goal of "being an even bigger advocate for patients and providing exceptional patient care."

Clark does not hesitate to attribute his ambitions and confidence as a nurse to his time at Seton Hall. "SHUCON has really given me a well-rounded knowledge of nursing. I feel that the program hit every corner of nursing to give us a better understanding of the field and various directions we can go after graduation. I thank SHUCON for giving me a head start in my career."

Also particularly grateful to SHUCON is Michael Fielder, originally from North Carolina, a Critical Care Resident in the hospital's ICU. Fielder shared several classes with Hanna and completed a summer externship with DeGirolamo. Fielder found that the most valuable aspect of his SHUCON experience was the chance to put what he learned into action. Fielder said, "Critical care is exciting for me because it does not cater to a specific kind of patient. There is always something new to learn and the nurses that I work with enjoy sharing their knowledge."

Alyssa Ingravallo, from Staten Island, NY, now works as an RN in the Operating Room (OR). Ingravallo first found her love for anatomy and physiology at the beginning of her freshman year at Seton Hall. Ingravallo said, "Because I have spent so much time sharpening my critical thinking skills while at SHU with the help of my professors, I feel prepared to perform as a new grad nurse in the OR. I look forward to my future in the operating room thanks to my education from SHU."

Although these five former classmates will not be working side by side in classrooms anymore, they will each get the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice and continue learning alongside their new peers at St. Barnabas.

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