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Welcoming the Class of 2022  

Photo of incoming freshman at Pirate AdventurePirate Adventure 2018 brought excited and ambitious new students to Seton Hall for their first extended stay on campus before move-in day in August. Over 1,350 incoming freshmen participated in a two-day orientation program, administered by the Freshman Studies program, where they got to know the campus, chose classes for the fall semester and met their classmates whom they'll spend the next four years with.

"By helping new students become an integrated part of the Seton Hall community from the moment they step onto campus, we are setting them up for success for their next four years," explained Robin Cunningham, dean of the Freshman Studies program. "Going to college can be intimidating for many students and we want to ensure they feel comfortable and prepared to tackle their academics and embrace the opportunities that await them at the University."

Students walking on campus during Pirate Adventure. Incoming freshmen were guided through the Pirate Adventure experience by fellow students and upperclassmen serving as Peer Advisers, who will continue to engage with the students in a classroom and social setting throughout their first year on campus. In addition to meeting their Peer Advisers, students were also introduced to their Freshman Mentors and the deans of their respective colleges and schools.

"Pirate Adventure serves a crucial role in our students' orientation to campus," explained Tracy Gottlieb, vice president of Student Services. "Not only do our students register for their fall classes, but they meet their first-year mentors, connect with a Peer Adviser and make new friends. With an added bonus of it being a lot of fun."

The future is bright for the Class of 2022, who will study and gain firsthand knowledge from professors in fields ranging from healthcare and business to diplomacy, leadership and communication.

This story is the first in a three-part series detailing Pirate Adventure and Seton Hall’s incoming freshman class. Click here to read part two.

The Future of Healthcare

According to the United States Department of Labor, 2.4 million new jobs will be added in healthcare from 2016 to 2026. That's a staggering 18% - faster than the average of all other occupations. Incoming students studying nursing in the College of Nursing, natural sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences or those participating in one of Seton Hall's five dual-degree programs within the School of Health and Medical Sciences are positioning themselves to be successful in high-demand healthcare fields.

Students studying in the healthcare fields will be able to take advantage of Seton Hall's new Interprofessional Health Sciences (IHS) Campus in Nutley. The campus features world-class facilities for health science research and discovery.

Photo of incoming freshman Joseph Sherry

Joseph Sherry

Joseph Sherry, from Waldwick, NJ, is an incoming freshman in the new joint bachelor’s/ M.D. program. Sherry will complete his undergraduate coursework at Seton Hall and continue on to the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine to finish his M.D. in only three years. Drawn to a career in healthcare after seeing family members face a myriad of health problems, Sherry aspires to become a researcher and focus on treatments for Alzheimer's disease. After narrowing down his college options to a few choices, Sherry ultimately chose Seton Hall for it's close-knit community and small lab sizes.

Photo of incoming freshman Savannah Hunter

Savannah Hunter

Savannah Hunter, from Hillsborough, NJ, is an incoming freshman in the Pre-Medical/ Pre-Dental Plus Program (PMPDPP) in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a student in the PMPDPP, Hunter will receive valuable guidance to prepare her to apply to and be accepted to medical school after receiving her undergraduate degree in biology. As the daughter of a cancer survivor, Hunter was inspired to pursue a career in medicine in order to give back to her community. Hunter chose Seton Hall for its Catholic mission and is looking forward to small class sizes that will allow her to get to know her professors and develop mentor-mentee relationships.

Photo of incoming freshman Jessica Grove (center) with two other incoming freshman girls beside her.

Jessica Grove (center) with two other incoming freshmen

Jessica Grove, from Grand Junction, CO, is an incoming freshman starting her first semester as an undecided student. Interested in psychology and its possible applications to the criminal justice system, Grove chose Seton Hall because of its top-rated internship program. As an undecided student, the ability to participate in internships and discover her passions will be incredibly helpful. Grove brings years of leadership and volunteer experience to Seton Hall; she has led fundraising campaigns for Homeward Bound and was the lead volunteer at a local veterans’ hospital. Additionally, she designed and managed a mural project on gender equality in her community.

When asked about how science and leadership go hand-in-hand, Grove explained:

"Leadership in science is imperative to giving new knowledge a voice. While most people associate science with books and facts, it is important to build relationships in order to capitalize on scientific research."

The Future of Public Relations and Media

Incoming Communication and the Arts students are looking forward to diving into the rapidly expanding and ever evolving media and public relations industry. Seton Hall's College of Communication and the Arts was established three years ago to better prepare students for the media and communications industries.

Photo of incoming freshmen Madison Vance (left) and Molly Stoe (right)

Madison Vance (left) and Molly Stoe (right)

Molly Stoe was impressed by the emphasis Seton Hall placed on the various aspects of communication and media, choosing this university in part for its established Public Relations major; many other colleges and universities only provide a concentration in Public Relations. With her eyes set on the entertainment industry, Stoe dreams of one day interning for Jimmy Fallon and is looking forward to the academic challenges being a student at Seton Hall might bring.

Madison Vance, from San Diego, CA, is an incoming Communication major looking forward to diversifying her knowledge about the communications and media industries. Vance is excited to make even more personal connections with students and faculty than the ones she already made at Pirate Adventure. Coming from across the country, she wanted to feel supported in the transition into adulthood, and believes that Seton Hall provides her exactly that.

"Coming to Seton Hall felt like I was taking all the best parts of my high school with me to college, and I can't wait for all the different experiences - from getting to show school spirit to working in New York City and then coming back home to suburban South Orange. It's all becoming so real to me now and I can’t wait to move in," said Vance.

The Future of Diplomacy

The School of Diplomacy and International Relations' students have ambitions to be multilingual and internationally-minded conflict-solvers. Seton Hall's proximity to New York City and Washington D.C. makes the University an ideal place to study international relations and be able to practice diplomacy firsthand. Diplomacy students have the opportunity to travel abroad, interact with diplomats and world leaders, apply for and secure competitive professional internships within the field and join various diplomacy-focused student groups on campus.

Photo of incoming freshman Ayanna Fairfax

Ayanna Fairfax

Ayanna Fairfax, from Freehold, NJ, will begin her studies as a diplomacy and international relations major this fall, fulfilling her longtime dream of attending Seton Hall. Fairfax hopes to graduate and continue on to study at Seton Hall Law School. As a diplomacy major, Fairfax wants to challenge herself to learn a new language and become more well-rounded in the process. Ayanna's initial priorities once she's on campus will be to join the Black Student Union and explore other exciting student-run organizations on campus that she can get involved with.

"I feel like everything is falling into place and I am excited to start this new part of my life," said Fairfax.

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