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The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies Launches New Website  

New WebsiteThe Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies, the oldest academic institution in the world dedicated to Catholic-Jewish relations, announces the launch of its new website. Established in 1953 at Seton Hall University, the Institute is the founder of the only Jewish-Christian studies graduate program in the United States. The new website has been designed to actively promote the work and events sponsored by the Institute and to help supporters, alumni, students, prospective students and the general public to better interact with the nonprofit organization.

"We are excited to share our new website with all those who support our mission of promoting peace and justice throughout our world," said the Institute's director, The Reverend Lawrence E. Frizzell. The site highlights the Institute's work in the areas of research and publication; in-depth study and education; and engagement and collaboration. "There is now a place where visitors can learn about our rich 60-year history, the meaningful impact we’ve made over the past six decades and more importantly, what we’re accomplishing today."

The Institute's website also features a section on scholarship opportunities for students and prospective students who want to advance their academic knowledge and/or professional careers and earn their Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Jewish-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University. The program is the only one of its kind in the U.S. and serves as a model for eliminating prejudice through understanding. The Institute's past and current scholarship recipients compose an international body of students and graduates from diverse faith backgrounds from around the world. Many graduates have applied the knowledge and skills they have gained in the M.A. program across a broad spectrum of professions, vocations and specialties such as primary and secondary education, diplomacy, social welfare, humanitarian relief, Catholic and Protestant ministries, and Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies has implemented several other initiatives thus far in 2013 as it celebrates its 60-year anniversary, which is being commemorated at Seton Hall University with the yearlong celebration, "Building: 60 Years of Jewish-Christian Dialogue." The three following significant initiatives recently preceded the debut of the Institute’s new website:

  • The launch of Institute’s iTunes channel for its weekly WSOU radio program, The Kinship of Catholics & Jews, at

While the Institute’s new website is now live, Frizzell notes that additional changes are set to be implemented in the near future. "We are developing a section that will promote news about the positive work being done in the field of Jewish-Christian studies and relations," he explains. "We are also creating a new area that will serve as a repository where visitors can more easily access our publications, audio clips of our weekly radio program and various videos and photos. We didn't want to wait to launch our new website until every feature has been completed. Instead, we decided to add new features and resources as time and user needs grow and progress."

About the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies
The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies is a leading center of expertise that has been promoting peace for 60 years. In partnership with Seton Hall University, the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies makes a significant local, regional and global impact through various research, publication, education and engagement programs and initiatives. The Institute has awarded more than $1 million in scholarship aid to students from 21 countries across five continents, helping to unite and empower a new, globally diverse generation of Jewish and Christian scholars, theologians, educators and students who are dedicated to exploring and promoting their shared values, practices, traditions and peaceful pursuits. To learn more about the Institute, please visit them online or on Facebook.

Seton Hall University & Building Bridges: 60 years of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
The 2013 yearlong commemoration, "Building Bridges: 60 Years of Jewish-Christian Dialogue," celebrates the life and legacy of Monsignor Oesterreicher and the work of the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies and Seton Hall University in promoting the understanding and amity between Christians and Jews and building upon the foundation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). Learn more »



For more information, please contact:

  • Lawrence Frizzell
  • (973) 761-9751
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