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The Importance of School in Russian Culture  

SlavicClubThursday, October 13th, 6:30 p.m., in Fahy 236, Slavic Club will present a lecture, The Importance of School in Russian Culture, by Professor Liliya Brammer, one of our Russian Professors at Seton Hall.

The image of school plays a special role in the life of every Russian person. There is a great number of poems, songs and movies that are devoted to school years, teachers, and classmates. Romantic school traditions, such as The Knowledge Day on September 1st, The Last Bell Celebration, The Graduation Ball, and many others are among the most vivid memories in a Russian person’s live. Such a sentimental attitude of Russians toward their school is influenced by the collective nature of Russian mentality and a specific structure of the Russian school system.

After spending 11 years of their lives in small classes within the same school building, people come to consider their classmates as family members and their school as a “second home.” Former classmates retain their friendships through their life time and always support each other in times of need. Also, there are strong student - teacher bonds that develop in Russian schools. The same teachers work with the same students throughout middle and high school years, working together from grade to grade until graduation. A homeroom teacher, “the second Mom,” often influences her or his students’ personalities as much as their own parents.

Professor Brammer while growing up in Russia studied and worked in the Russian school system for 20 years. Her presentation will use a number of photographs from her personal collection. Also, various video and audio materials will be used to illustrate the presented information. In addition, some handouts, with the text of popular songs and sayings about the school life in Russia, will be provided for the audience.

Everyone is welcome! Slavic food will be served!

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