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Summer Study Abroad Opportunities Available to Students  

Students visit Taj Mahal on Summer Study Abroad

India: Students visit Taj Mahal on Doing Business in India Faculty-led study abroad program

Seton Hall students have an extraordinary opportunity to spend the summer studying abroad in one of seven countries. Faculty-led tours begin on May 20 and take place in China, Italy, France, Japan, Morocco, Spain, Nicaragua, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professors from several schools, including the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Stillman School of Business, and College of Arts and Sciences, are well-versed in the history and culture of the countries they are visiting and have designed classes and planned itineraries often in collaboration with faculty from a local university in the country.

"The mission of the study abroad program is to allow students to build on what they are learning inside the classroom by exposing them to the culture, language, history and customs of the country they are visiting, "explains Maria Bouzas, Director of the Office of International Programs, which is responsible for study abroad initiatives at Seton Hall. Studying abroad offers students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience the cultural, political, and economic landscapes of countries around the world.


Dongdong Chen, professor of Asian Studies, leads a month-long trip that immerses students in the language and culture of China. "By studying abroad," she explains, "students develop both linguistic and cultural competencies, thereby opening up their intellectual horizon." With the benefit of Chen's knowledge and insights, students gain an insider's perspective on places such as The Forbidden City, a palace complex in central Beijing, that dates back to 1420. They also travel to Beijing to visit the Great Wall and the Olympic Center, where the 2008 summer games were played.

Summer Students Studying Abroad in London

London: Catherine Touhill and Rosheen Kewen attend exchange program at Westminster University in London

Seton Hall provides students who are interested in travel and cultural immersion experiences three ways of studying abroad. The first, and most popular option, are faculty led study tours, such as the one to China described above. In this format, professors travel with a group of students and may teach a class at a foreign university. These programs often take place during school breaks, including summer, and allow students to earn credits toward their degree.

Another option is the Semester Exchange Program. Here students can study at universities in Germany, Ireland, Austria, China, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Exchange programs allow students to gain the full experience of attending a host university for a semester while getting to know a new country. Students may live with local families or other international students. Students interested in study abroad may also opt to attend a program sponsored by a private company. The Office of International Programs has a list of study abroad programs it recommends and works with students to find a program that matches their interests.

"I signed up for a study abroad opportunity in Morocco with my Arabic professor because I would love the chance to practice my language with native speakers and to immerse myself in a facet of Arab culture," said Devyn Johnson, student in the Arabic program.

Student Summer Study Abroad in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: African Union Seminar in Ethiopia

The study abroad program also offers valuable insights for future career pursuits. Obtaining a more nuanced perspective of life in countries outside the U.S. becomes an asset to employers as the world becomes more globalized. As businesses, markets, and economies around the world become increasingly interdependent, the demand for an understanding of foreign language, cultures, and customs has steadily grown. Seton Hall's study abroad programs expose students to new people and places and assists them in forming a global perspective.

Students who participate in faculty led study tours can earn 3-9 credits upon program completion. Students who choose to take part in the faculty led tours are eligible for a 25% discount on summer tuition for the study abroad credits. Study abroad credits for the spring tuition is included in the flat tuition rate. Further scholarships are available to assist in with additional costs. Some classes taken abroad may be used as a substitute for core requirements.

Student Summer Study Abroad in Jordan

Jordan: Students attending study abroad in Jordan

"I am really excited to have the opportunity to study abroad. One of the advantages is that it enables me to complete my language requirement in one month rather than over the course of two semesters, which will save me a lot of time and allow me to focus on classes for my major during the school year," said Maria Costa, major in communications who will be traveling to Spain this summer.


Students who are curious about experiencing the world are encouraged to reach out to the Office of International Programs in Presidents Hall.

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