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All Eyes on Ukraine: Perspectives on the Unfolding Crisis
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Crowd ProtestsThursday, March 27, 6:30 pm, Fahy Hall 236, free and open to the public


Recent scenes of violent upheaval in Ukraine have captured the world’s attention, but the interests and ideologies at play are not easy to discern. The Russian and East European Studies Program, the Department of History, and the Slavic Club are offering this panel discussion featuring a range of perspectives to help students and members of the Seton Hall community to better understand how and why this conflict has emerged and what is at stake for Ukraine, for Russia, for the European Union, for the United States, and for the international community as a whole. The discussion will be led by a panel of experts, who have a lot of professional, academic and personal experience in the region:

Pr. Nathaniel Knight, chair of the Department of History at Seton Hall University, has published extensively on the issues of nationality and ethnicity in the Russian empire.

Pr. Maxim Matusevich, director of the Russian and East European Studies Program at Seton Hall University, has published extensively on the history of the Cold War, the superpower competition in Africa, and antiracism and propaganda.

Pr. Hugo Lane, York College CUNY, is specialist on Habsburg Empire and its successor states, especially Poland and Ukraine, with a special interest in nationalism. He is also co-administrator of the Facebook site dedicated to recent events in Ukraine, Euromaidan News in English.

Pavel Ivlev is a practicing Russian attorney and a chairman of the Committee for Russian Economic Freedom, an expert organization. Since 1994 Pavel was a legal counsel to Yukos Oil and its former CEO, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Pavel Ivlev fled to New York from Russia in 2004 under fear of unjust prosecution following Khodorkovsky’s arrest. A graduate of Moscow State University Law School, Ivlev also studied law at Columbia University (New York) and Queen Mary College (London), and is a member of the International Bar Association and the U.S.-Russia Business Council. Ivlev was the first executive director of the Institute of Modern Russia, a think tank with offices in NYC and Washington, D.C., and is the Chairman of the Committee for Russian Economic Freedom, which he founded in 2009 to campaign for “free markets, free people, and free ideas in Russia.”

Terrell J. Starr is the Associate Editor at NewsOne, a Black news site in New York City. He is also Fulbright Journalism Scholar (Ukraine 2009-2010), where he focused his research on the study of Black Ukrainians and the USSR's relationship with Africa. He also writes about Ukrainian politics. Terrell is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Georgia 2003-2005).

This event is free and open to the public. Slavic refreshments (including the Ukrainian borscht) will be served.


For more information please contact:
Maxim Matusevich
(973) 761-9386


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