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Seth Moncrease, Jr.Seth Moncrease, Jr. joined the Alumni Relations team at Seton Hall in May 2013 as the Assistant Director of Student and Young Alumni Programs.

  1. What are your responsibilities in your role?
    I am responsible for building upon existing programs, events and services to engage current students and those who graduated within the past ten years in a lifelong relationship with Seton Hall. I also serve as the advisor to the Student Alumni Association, the Young Alumni Club and Senior Class Council.

  2. What has been a favorite experience so far while working at Seton Hall?
    One of my favorite experiences so far was Seton Hall Weekend. Watching students interact with alumni and other students while celebrating Seton Hall is something one must experience. It was an amazing sight to watch young alumni reconnect with other fellow Pirates and reminisce about their time at The Hall. That weekend helped me to realize that Seton Hall was much more than just an institution for learning, but a family that includes more than 90,000 alumni.

  3. What are your goals?
    My goal is to continue to bridge the gap between students and alumni. I also want to keep students excited about Seton Hall even after they graduate by continuously keeping them informed, involved and invested.

  4. How can alumni find out more about being involved with Young Alumni Club activities?
    The Young Alumni Club meets every first Wednesday of the month. These meetings are open to anyone who has graduated within the past ten years. To receive updates, young alumni can e-mail to be put on the mailing list. Alumni can also or click here to visit the Young Alumni Club’s website.

  5. What is your favorite thing about working at Seton Hall?
    I really enjoy watching students engage with alumni. Coming from an institution where the importance of networking was stressed heavily, I appreciate when students take advantage of connecting with alumni in a way that can help mold their future by giving them valuable life lessons, phenomenal post-graduation advice and tips, and even great employment opportunities. It’s amazing to see how Seton Hall Pirates of different generations can come together and celebrate the University.

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