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Students from the School of Business. Photo courtesy of The Alternative Press of South OrangeDuring the Fall Semester South Orange enlisted the Stillman School’s Market Research Center to examine the Irvington Avenue corridor and help envision its future. Students were tasked with developing a vision for the neighborhood that would revitalize it and make it a more thriving section of the Village.

Students from the School of Business worked with South Orange Trustees Sheena Collum, Steve Schnall and Deborah Davis Ford, as well as Township Administrator Barry Lewis and Assistant Administrator Adam Loehner.

From approximately 500 survey responses, students, business owners and residents alike suggested improvements to the area’s physical appearance, including prettier facades, better store-front signage, more greenery and cleaner sidewalks. Both residents and students also noted safety concerns, suggesting better lighting, more police presence and stricter traffic regulations.

Students expressed interest in increased patronage and involvement with businesses in the area. Suggestions included a shift in the types of businesses on Irvington Avenue in order to draw a younger, college-friendly audience, such as coffee shops, bookstores, and retail stores. The idea of adding a dorm for upperclassmen was also considered.

Stillman senior Vito Amato said, “The ‘Reimagine Irvington Avenue’ project is definitely the most valuable and significant project I have worked on. This is not just a project where we get a grade and move on. It represents something that we could possibly look back to and see our work come to life. I am very thankful to have had a part in this initiative as I genuinely care about the community of South Orange and Seton Hall; both represent my second home.”

Adam Warner, director of the Market Research Center, noted, “Irvington Avenue represents our community. It’s right around the corner from Seton Hall and it holds tremendous unrealized potential. In addition, this project represented a great opportunity to partner with the South Orange community on an initiative that benefits everyone.”

Junior Theodore Filardi said, “Working on this project was a tremendous experience. While there is certainly value in learning through the traditional classroom setting, the opportunity to actually practice the theory being taught in class is invaluable.”

The concept of rebranding and marketing the neighborhood was seen as a positive step and the town’s response to the insights and recommendations presented were very positive.

Township Administrator Barry Lewis and Trustee Sheena Collum remarked on the enthusiasm and professionalism of the students.

“There is a practical effect and a benefit that we are going to get out of this project. You are going to see changes in the neighborhood and know you were a part of making it happen.”

“This is not just an academic exercise. Whether you stay in South Orange or come back and visit in 10 years, you will see the positive changes you helped bring about.”

About the Market Research Center
The Market Research Center at Seton Hall University is a full-service facility, providing high-quality market research. It is one of the few college campus-based facilities of its kind nationwide. In the last three and half years students have completed nearly 70 projects. These projects have run the gamut from municipalities and the arts to large businesses like UPS, Hackensack Medical Center and Planet Honda.

By partnering with clients and working on actual market research projects, Stillman School students are learning critical skills they’ll be able to use after graduation.

Creation of the Market Research Center has led to a “win-win” for both the students and the business partners.

For more information please contact:
Adam Warner
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