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"Catholicism: Journey Around the World and Deep into the Faith"
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Special Screening of Have you ever wondered how the Catholic faith is celebrated in different countries around the world?

Join us for a special screening of "Catholicism: Journey Around the World and Deep into the Faith." This 10-part video series will be shown throughout October; enjoy one episode every Wednesday and Thursday of the month, 12:45-2 p.m., in the Campus Ministry Lounge. Please note that the final screening, which will take place on November 1, will begin at 1:45 p.m. There will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion during the screening of each episode.

With creator and host Father Robert Barron, you will learn what Catholics believe and why, while being immersed in the art, architecture, literature, beliefs and practices of the Catholic tradition.

Filmed in 50 locations in 15 different countries, the series has been described as "...the most important media project in the history of the Catholic Church in America. A stimulating and compelling exploration of the spiritual, moral and intellectual riches of the Catholic world." It will walk you through the Catholic faith as you've never seen it before.

Father Robert Barron is an acclaimed author, theologian and podcasting priest from Chicago, and one of the world's greatest and most innovative teachers of the Catholic faith.

Click here to watch a preview of "Catholicism."

A celebration of Internationalization Month, this event is sponsored by Seton Hall University Campus Ministry and Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology. For more information, please contact Stephen Kass, director of the Catholic Center for Family Spirituality, at

For more information please contact:
Stephen Kass
(973) 275-2319


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