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South Orange Residents Meet for Newcomer's Day
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Newcomer’s-All Comer’s DayThe Trustees & Community Relations committee of the Township of South Orange Village invited both new and old residents to Newcomer’s-All Comer’s Day this past Sunday afternoon. Held at the South Orange Public Library, all residents of the community came out to get better acquainted with local organizations and services.

Newcomer’s Day provided participants with a great opportunity to see what South Orange has to offer—from free yoga classes at South Mountain Yoga, to the free events being held on our own campus at Seton Hall University Weekend.

Village president, Alex Torpey, welcomed the bustling crowd and spoke about upcoming plans for the South Orange community including his goals for the year. Approximately 300 new residents were in attendance

Sonya Pretzel and her family, new residents of the South Orange community, learned about many beneficial services offered in town. “We found out about great free kids programs at the library,” said Sonya. “There were lots of wonderful friendly people and the YMCA has group fit classes that I’m definitely interested.”

Residents were able to meet village officials, register to vote, and get better acquainted with the Village. After the event, around 100 students from nearby schools joined the Seton Hall Ultimate Frisbee team led by Captain Paul Lacy for a beautiful day of outdoor activities. All student participants were fed for free by a generous donation from Jimmy Cryan, local owner of Cryan’s Beef & Ale House.

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