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Cross Country Team Runs Shoe Drive to Ghana  

Cross countryThe men’s cross country team is asking the Seton Hall University community to help stimulate the economy, benefit the environment, and provide income for residents of Ghana in need— simply by donating shoes.

The team has paired with the MORE Foundation in these efforts as the donated shoes will be sold at low prices in countries with high rates of poverty. From there, the profits pay for agricultural resources in various countries throughout Africa and, in the case of the Seton Hall donations, Ghana. This includes supplying seeds to plant trees, the construction wells to supply clean water, help fund education and more. The MORE Foundation has representatives travel to these locations for a year and further assist in families to live in a sustainable manner.

This is the first year the Cross Country Team is partnering with MORE. Each year the team undertakes a charitable effort; in the past, this has usually involved volunteering at running events for charities. However, this year Junior, team captain and Student Athlete Advisory Committee President, Jeffrey Larson, wanted to find something different, something to get the entire community involved.

Larson did his research and found the MORE Foundation. After speaking to the president of MORE, they decided on a two-week trial. Shortly after, Athletic Director Patrick Lyons urged the team to continue their efforts and to stretch the fundraiser out for the rest of the semester.

So far, it's been a success, but Larson hopes for the cause will grow. "The Cross Country team has definitely taken some pride in this. "We're going to continue this throughout the rest of the semester and hopefully we can get a huge involvement from everyone that walks in the doors at the rec center."

Mass emails have been sent out along with flyers that have been put up around campus. The team is currently looking to grow their advertising and making it easier for everyone to donate. You can find some boxes in the rec center now.

"It helps not only our team, but other people realize what they can be doing or that they can help in small ways to help families and communities to get out of poverty and donating shoes is just an easy way to help reach that goal," Larson said.

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