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Chapel Closed for Renovation  

Proposed artist rendering of new chapel sanctuary.
Rendering-of-Chapel Renovation

Beginning December 27, 2007, the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception will be closed for renovations and restoration of the interior. It will reopen on November 1, 2008.
During this time, Mass and Confessions will be held in the following locations:
Daily Mass and Confessions:
Campus Ministry Lounge, Boland Hall, lower level

Sunday Mass: Jubilee Auditorium
The current Mass and Confession times will remain in effect.
This is the general arrangement unless otherwise posted. Special arrangements for holidays and breaks will be published separately. Please consult HORIZONS (the “University Parish” bulletin) and the Board in front of the Chapel for changes to the schedule. For more information, please call Campus Ministry at (973) 761-9545.
As part of the Ever Forward Heritage Building Campaign, the second phase of the Chapel restoration and renovation will commence in January 2008. The body of the Chapel renovation encompasses the liturgical appointments, interior finishes, lighting and the restoration of the two existing murals. New liturgical appointments for the Sanctuary include the main Altar, Tabernacle and center Reredos, side shrines and statues, and a new Ambo. These appointments are designed to reflect the English Gothic character of the Chapel. The side shrines will serve as the backdrop for the statues of our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. The existing Stations of the Cross will also be restored as part of the overall renovation of the liturgical appointments.  
The interior restoration of both the nave and sanctuary will entail an entire re-painting of the walls and ceiling of the Chapel. The main wood trusses are finished in a faux wood and will be accented with gold leaf and an accent painted detail in the tracery of the truss. The wood purlins which span vertically in the body of the ceiling will also be finished in a faux wood with a decorative stencil pattern. The intricate cornice finishes between the wall and ceiling will compliment the decorative painting scheme. A painted stencil pattern will surround the edge of the stained glass windows and run horizontally along the new wood wainscoting in the Chapel. 
The 1931 Raggi mural at the chancel arch and the mural of the Immaculate Conception will be cleaned and restored by conservation artists as part of the restoration work. The existing pews will be removed and refinished as well as the existing wood floors. A new wood floor and platform will be created within the sanctuary area. To enhance the overall interior, a new lighting scheme has been designed that will restore the original lighting fixtures and provide ambient and accent lighting throughout the Chapel.
To complete the renovation, the main entrance and side entrance vestibules will also be refinished. New tile flooring and lighting will be installed. The main entrance doors will be replaced with new doors designed to compliment the exterior of the Chapel. The Mother Seton Chapel is to be refinished to match the overall Chapel design, and the sacristy will receive a face lift as well.
Click here for a visual representation of these changes.
The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception has been the spiritual center of the Seton Hall University community for over 140 years. Built during the Civil War, the cornerstone of the brownstone Chapel was laid by Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley on May 21, 1863. The first Mass was celebrated seven months later in December 1863.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Pamela Ferguson
  • (973) 378-9845
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