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Catholic Studies Minor Goes for Master's Degree in Health Administration
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newsElizabeth Oskierko '14 is a recent graduate of Seton Hall with a major in Biology and two minors in Catholic Studies and Chemistry. She will be attending Seton Hall's Master of Health Administration degree program in the fall, while working as a graduate assistant with Campus Ministry. Below she shares how her experience with Catholic Studies has served as a compliment to the rest of her degrees:

When I began my undergraduate degree 4 years ago, I knew I wanted to major in Biology because the sciences have always intrigued me and kept me thinking beyond the textbooks: It has always amazed me how much the human mind is capable of knowing and understanding. As a result I began my college career solely focused on my B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, and it wasn’t until after taking my CORE III Signature course that I discovered and began to appreciate the link between science and philosophy, so I declared a minor in Catholic Studies.

My interest in bridging the gap between the science and philosophy began in Msgr. Richard Liddy’s course, The Philosophy and Theology of Bernard Lonergan. My studies in science allowed me to implement and contrast the scientific methods and theories I was learning in Biology and Chemistry to the material we were covering while studying Lonergan. This experience was furthered when I studied abroad in Rome with the Department of Catholic Studies this past Spring. Following that trip I was able to tie together my experiences in Rome with Biology, Lonergan’s philosophical perspectives, and the many transformations which human beings undergoes throughout their journeys through life.

This fall I will return to Seton Hall to pursue my Masters in Healthcare Administration. Empowered by my faith, I believe firmly that my studies and experiences with Catholic Studies will play a major role in my future within the healthcare systems: I will rely on my knowledge of the faith to lead others both by my actions and by my words as I try to treat them as Christ would. Catholic Studies has shaped not only my academic pursuits but every aspect of my life. As I return to campus and serve Campus Ministry as a Graduate Assistant, I look forward to being available to freshmen students while living in Boland Hall. I’m honored to have the opportunity to grow into the servant leader that Seton Hall and the Catholic Studies Department has been shaping me to be, and I also look forward to serving as a role model and resource for undergraduates.

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