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Untold Story of Anselm LeBourne: The Race of a Lifetime
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Anselm LeBourneAlumnus Anselm LeBourne, Stillman School of Business Class of '82, is back on his former stomping ground as an adjunct professor teaching business management to undergraduate students. But, what does a retired Wall Street analyst and 8 Times World Record Holder in Masters Track and Field have to offer about leadership?

The story of LeBourne's race to stardom tells of his courage, tenacity and willpower amidst economic and social adversities. "Circumstances may determine who you are, but you are responsible for who you become," explained LeBourne.

Born and raised in the poverty stricken town of Trou Macaque in Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago, it's not the first time Anselm LeBourne is gearing up for a race nearly twelve months in advance. His daily routine which consists of a four mile run, drills, stretches and sprints has scored him huge wins over the years.

The 55-year-old eight time gold medalist in the 800 and 1500 meters at the World Masters Track and Field Championship marks the start of his career at the age of 13 when he beat the fastest runner in the entire country in his age group.

"The best part of the race was winning the trophy," said LeBourne, cheerfully. "From that moment on, I decided to stick with running so I could win more trophies."

Years later, under the tutelage of Head Coach John Moon at Seton Hall University, LeBourne proved to be a top mid-distance runner across the country. "Seton Hall won the first Big East title when I was on the track team from 1978-82," said LeBourne.

Learning quickly that "hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard," Lebourne's experiences on the track provided him with strong skill sets to land many jobs post-graduation. This included a 25-year-long career on Wall Street, working at the New York Stock Exchange in various capacities.

"During those times, there weren't a lot of individuals in my field who looked like me and had my kind of accent," said LeBourne. "I was a salmon swimming upstream with sharks."

Now, roughly 40 years since his first race as a young boy, the happily married man and retired father of two, is inspired to compete and break more world records.

Preparing for his next race in France, LeBourne suits up every morning in his Seton Hall gear and beats his face against the wintery April breeze before teaching his class.

"If my competitors won't practice in 10-degree weather, I will," said LeBourne. "It makes me feel I have a competitive advantage."

Whether siting on the Finance Advisory Board in the Stillman School or teaching in the classroom, LeBourne not only offers expertise attained from professional experiences, but uses his life story to motivate the Seton Hall community to think positively.

When asked why he continues to compete, LeBourne said his race doesn't end at the finish line: "It's a lifelong journey to greatness." A lesson on leadership he teaches all his students who want to run successful enterprises.

Anselm LeBourne's recognitions include:

  • 8 Times World Record Holder in Masters Track and Field
  • 10 Times American Record Holder in Masters Track and Field 
  • 7 Time Masters Track & Field Athlete of the Year (Most recent 2012) 
  • 4 Times New York City Masters Road Mile Champion 
  • 8 Times Gold Medalist in 800 and 1500 meters at the World Masters Championships

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