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If General Public Had A Vote In Today's Northwestern Football Unionization Election - It Would Be No; "Players Are Students, Not Employees"
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Seton Hall Sports PollAccording to Seton Hall Sports Poll

A nationwide poll by the Seton Hall Sports Poll this week has found a clear preference for student athletes (specifically Northwestern University football players) to be considered students and not employees.

Northwestern football players are voting today on just that choice, and although the results will not be known for several months, the public said they should be considered students and not employees by a 64%-29% margin, and should not be allowed to form a union by 60%-34%.

The poll conducted over three days and concluding last night, was based on random phone calls to land lines and cellphones across the U.S. to 628 people, with a 3.9% margin of error.

The poll also found that 29% said their interest in colleges athletics would decrease if the athletes received salaries, with 61% saying it would remain the same, and 10% saying it would increase.

61% said student athletes should not continue to receive scholarships if they received salaries, with 33% saying yes they should receive both. Asked if collegiate athletes receiving salaries should go to all sports or just sports that bring in revenue, 58% said all sports, 25% said only revenue producing sports, and 17% had no opinion.

“The public does not think athletes in revenue producing sports should be rewarded more than others and hence, they are not buying into the idea of football players being employees ”, noted veteran pollster Murray Edelman, Ph.D., a consultant to the Seton Hall Sports Poll, which is conducted by The Sharkey Institute.

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