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New Academic Centers Launched at Diplomacy
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CenterdirectorsDean Andrea Bartoli recently announced the establishment of three new academic centers which will be based at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. Building on the success of Diplomacy's Center for Global Health Studies, established in 2007, the new centers will focus on three important academic areas in which the School's faculty are engaged in scholarly research and exploration. "Through these exciting new endeavors," Dean Bartoli explained, "our students and faculty, along with their peers from other institutions, will examine critical emerging global issues that will have an impact on society for years to come."

The Center for United Nations and Global Governance Studies, directed by Associate Professor Martin Edwards, aims to build research networks between Diplomacy faculty, students and other stakeholders. It will focus on themes including the relationship between the United States and United Nations, international organizations as independent actors, compliance with international courts, transparency in international organizations and the role of international organization in post-conflict states. For each theme, a speaker series and a collaborative research project will be implemented. To learn more about the Center's activities, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter at @SHU_UN_Studies

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, directed by Associate Professor Zheng Wang, will promote interdisciplinary research on a wide range of topics related to peace and conflict, specifically conflict prevention, management, resolution and post-conflict peace building and reconstruction. The Center aims to further understanding of social conflict, global peace and other conflict issues through multidisciplinary, multilevel and multicultural approaches. Faculty will conduct research for publication, organize and host a speaker series and conferences, provide training programs, conflict resolution services and facilitate international exchange programs.

The Center for Emerging Powers and Transnational Trends, directed by Associate Professor Ann Marie Murphy, aims to conduct cutting edge scholarly research on the causes and consequences of emerging powers and the global trends that result from them. It will examine the impact of emerging powers across themes such as global governance, international stability, foreign policy, environmental issues and energy security. Transnational trends that will be studied include climate change, migration, demands of a growing middle class and democratization.

Now in its seventh year, the Center for Global Health Studies is directed by Dr. Yanzhong Huang. This research center for the interdisciplinary study of health issues focuses on governance, diplomacy, security, human rights, trade and development. The center also acts as a resource unit, promoting learning and the engagement of scholars and students in global health, while informing and educating policy makers, practitioners, journalists and the general public on global health issues. The peer-reviewed electronic journal of Global Health Governance, is published semi-annually. Going forward, the Center aims to host an annual conference, resume the Global Health Lecture Series and sponsor the Global Health Working Paper Series.

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