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SHU Ethics Bowl TeamThe Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB) gives students a chance to enter an academic competition that combines excitement and fun with an educationally valuable experience in the areas of practical and professional ethics.

Each year the IEB brings together hundreds of students across North America to debate and morally assess some of the most pressing and complex ethical issues facing society today, including ethical issues in business and professional ethics, biomedical ethics, environmental ethics, and national and international social and political affairs.

Preparing for and competing in the IEB and other events will provide you with a deeper and more critical understanding of philosophical, practical, and professional ethics. It will also help you to persuasively articulate, communicate, and defend your positions in public forums.

Students interesting in participating are encouraged to take PHIL 2810/COST 3200 Moral Argumentation and Debate, to be offered on Tuesdays from 5 - 7:30 p.m. in the Fall 2014 term. In this course we will study moral theory and theories of moral argumentation and debate and then use what we have learned to analyze and debate the 2014 Regional Ethics Bowl cases. This course is open to all students and does not require extra curricular ethics bowl competition.

Past cases have raised the following questions. Is the use of US military drone strikes ethical? Should we ban violent sports? Are international pharmaceutical patent laws fair to developing countries? Should we respect indigenous cultural practices that harm protected species, such as whales? Should we allow the use reproductive technologies for selecting desirable traits in children? What is the relationship between free speech and ethical speech? Should the code of ethics for photojournalists be amended? Is the display of different types of political symbols unethical?

For more information about the SHU Ethics Bowl Team or the PHIL 2810/COST 3200 course in Moral Argumentation and Debate please contact Profs. Abe Zakhem and Cathy Zizik We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information please contact:
Abe Zakhem
(973) 220-7762


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