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SAVE Team Announces Spring Events
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SAVEStudents from the Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE) Team are preparing for a busy Spring. With two events scheduled for March and April, the group is bringing a message of awareness and empowerment to the Seton Hall community.

The first of two events will be Take Back the Night, scheduled for Thursday, March 20 from 7 - 9 p.m. in the Theatre-In-The-Round in the University Center. Rape, sexual assault and domestic violence are referred to as "crimes of silence" due to low reporting rates and the stigmas attached to speaking about them publicly. Take Back The Night will aim to "Shatter the Silence" often associated with these crimes by inviting attendees to share their own two to three minute story, whether it pertains to them or someone close to them. Those who still want to "Shatter the Silence" but do not wish to speak publicly can submit their anonymous story to be read by a SAVE team member during the program.

"This environment provides a safe and secure opportunity to speak publicly about one's experience - which can help women feel as though they are regaining the power and control that was lost in the attack," explained SAVE Administrator and Counseling and Psychological Services Staff Psychologist Sandra Ackerman-Sinclair.

At the conclusion of Take Back the Night, the SAVE team will lead participants on a "Shine Your Light" walk. Supporters and survivors will gather to increase awareness and show their support to help stop sexual violence. The group will march through campus, chanting in unison in a show of strength and determination.

SAVE is also readying for a second event, scheduled for Tuesday, April 1. Ted Bunch, co-founder of "A Call to Men," will be speaking to students at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the University Center’s Main Lounge. Bunch's talk, which will focus on the socialization of men, kicks off SAVE's month-long Call to Men: A Campaign for Equality, in which SAVE hopes to get the men on campus involved in sexual assault awareness and prevention.

"A Call to Men" describes their purpose as challenging the socialization of men by examining the social norms, culture and traditional images of manhood that has created an environment that supports, tolerates and often encourages men's violence against women. With the Call to Men campaign, SAVE hopes to get the men on campus involved in stopping the cycle of sexual violence.

"Both events will bring together the entire community to start a conversation about issues such as sexual violence and overall sexism that needs to be had not just to empower and gain respect for survivors, but also to prevent sexist actions from happening in the first place," explained SAVE team member Amanda Gagne.

For more information regarding SAVE and their upcoming events, visit their webpage.

For more information please contact:
Sandra Ackerman-Sinclair
(973) 761-9500


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