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Seton Hall Launches New Ski and Snowboard Club
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Ski and Snowboard ClubIn mid-January, the Seton Hall Ski and Snowboard Club took their first trip to Killington Mountain in Vermont for a weekend on the slopes.

A total of 25 skiers, ranging from freshman to graduate students, along with two advisors made the five hour bus ride to Vermont. Among the students were the club leaders, Caroline Pinsky, president, and, Adriano Polimeni, vice-president. With the wide range of experience levels within the club, the two leaders offered lessons to first time skiers and snowboarders.

"We wanted to share the thrills, beauty, and traditions that came along with skiing and snowboarding with the Seton Hall community," said Polimeni. By establishing a ski and snowboarding club, the leaders hoped to get more people aware of the two popular sports and encourage students to give them a try.

Polimeni and Pinsky had a big job planning the trip. The mountain conditions were excellent for a quality skiing experience and the accommodations of the Hillside Inn contributed to what will be a lasting memory for the students and advisors. Club member Chase Agapito said, "I am glad to have taken part in the Ski and Snowboard Club's first trip and I look forward to seeing the club gain exposure on campus and continuing to grow."

The trip was not only a learning experience for the club members but another opportunity for them to grow closer and form friendships. Agapito went on to say, "Though we did not know one another before the trip, our collective passion for skiing or snowboarding brought us all together and allowed us to become close with one another." While away, the students shared dinners, time on the slopes, and a five hour bus ride, and made it back to Seton Hall in time for their Monday classes.

Next year the club will be planning another weekend trip as well as branching out to include a number of smaller trips to nearby ski resorts. They are also keeping members engaged between winters and creating new leadership positions to strengthen the club's foundation. With the expansion of leadership and experience gained over time the Ski and Snowboard club can become a permanent facet of the University’s student organizations and continue to grow.

For more information please contact:
Adriano Polimeni
(973) 761-9000


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