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BooksSeton Hall’s presence in national and international research fields continues to grow in scope and impact. The major scholarly index SCOPUS indexed 150 journals for 2013 that boasted Seton Hall authors, including both undergraduate and graduate authors. Deans have joined in this effort and the past year saw a major scholarly book and several scientific articles authored by our Deans. And in 2013 this effort even included a member of our Board of Regents.

Regent Donna O’Brien, a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the CEO of Strategic Visions in Healthcare, LLC, published the article “The Role of a Public–Private

Partnership: Translating Science to Improve Cancer Care in the Community” with collaborator Arnold Kaluzny in the January 2014 issue of Journal of Healthcare Management. The article concerns the results of the Community Cancer Centers Program of the National Cancer Institute, an initiative to bring innovations emerging from academic research hospitals to 16 community hospitals.

This article follows a chapter titled “Using Networks to Increase Value” in the 2013 book How to Get Better Value Cancer Care, edited by Muir Gray and David Kerr and published by Offox books. More than a dozen healthcare experts contributed to the book on this timely topic. 

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