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New Research: Yoga as a Healthy Living Tool
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Yoga at SunsetThe December issue of the Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics published the findings of a research study conducted by Stephanie Bryan, PhD, an alumna of the Department of Graduate Programs in Health Sciences, in collaboration with Department Chair and Associate Professor Terrence Cahill, EdD, FACHE; Professor Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD; and Raju Parasher, PT, EdD. The journal article, titled "Yoga, Mindful Eating, and Weight Management," outlines the researchers' investigation of "the exercise and eating habits of adults who participate in yoga on a regular basis, exploring facets of mindful eating, exercise habits and body mass index." The abstract of the article describes some of the issues plaguing the American public — for example, inactivity and obesity — that led to this study. 

Through the data collection, the researchers discovered that "yoga participation is associated with mindful eating and the adoption and maintenance of other positive health-related outcomes, such as regular physical activity and weight management." To read more about how the study was conducted and the findings found, download the full article here.

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