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Seton Hall Sports Poll on Olympics and Online and Mobile Options
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Sports Polling91% Plan to Watch Olympics “The Old Fashioned Way” - TV; Online and Mobile Options Still Hover in Single Digits

Despite an array of options that are readily available in most households, Americans plan to be watching their Olympics on television screens, according to a poll conducted this week by the Seton Hall Sports Poll.

An overwhelming 91% said TV was their anticipated method of viewing compared to only 5% online and 2% mobile.

The poll of 716 respondents (with a 3.7% margin of error), was based on random phone calls to landlines and cellphones across the U.S. between February 4-6.

“We may see those margins narrow in coming years, but for now, the audience for the games will be watching the old fashioned way,” noted Rick Gentile, director of the poll, which is sponsored by The Sharkey Institute.

The poll also showed that 74% of Americans intend to watch Olympic coverage.

When asked “if you had a son would you prefer he play in the Super Bowl or participate in the Olympics,” 53% said Olympics to 33% for Super Bowl.

“This certainly feels like a referendum on the much-discussed football concussion issue,” said Gentile.

Super Bowl Halftime A Big Hit With Women

While we already know that this year’s Super Bowl halftime was the most watched halftime show ever, the poll demonstrated how much it truly resonated with women. While overall the “game” was the most enjoyable part of the telecast for 43% (versus 29% halftime show and 22% the commercials), among women the halftime show registered 39% most enjoyable (vs. 28% of women saying the game) - while among men, the game scored 56%, and the halftime show just 19%. (Reportedly, the female audience for the game was larger than the full audience for last year’s Academy Awards telecast).

In 2008, when the Seton Hall Sports Poll asked the same question, 70% called the game the most enjoyable, with 18% citing the commercials and only 8% citing the halftime show. (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

“It continues to behoove the NFL to deliver a powerful halftime show to keep the audience, especially last Sunday when they had a blowout in progress by halftime,” said Gentile.

Asked whether it would be a better viewing experience to attend the Super Bowl or view it on TV, 54% said “view on TV” vs. 35% attending. But among respondents ages 18-44, 51% said “attend” vs. just 41% for “TV.” By contrast, those 45 and over went 67% for TV, and 22% for in person.

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