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Testimonials from the Service-Learning Trip to Jamaica
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Service-Learning Trip to JamaicaFrom January 2 - 12, 2014, the Dean’s Office of the College of Arts & Sciences hosted a second service-learning trip to Jamaica. Eleven Seton Hall undergraduate students stayed at the Alpha Boys School and Orphanage in Kingston, along with members of the Dean’s Office and Seton Hall professors. There, they took part in a variety of activities such as working to enhance the facility, developing and executing social activities in the evenings, and partaking in educational programs.

Here are some testimonials from students who participated in this experience:

“It was a truly inspiring experience to be able to come back again and see how the students had grown and the impact I had on their lives, not to mention the immense impact they had on mine. When we left last year they didn't think we'd ever be coming back, but seeing the joy on their faces when their faith in us was restored upon our arrival was the best experience I could have asked for. We didn't just teach them academically, but we helped them on the road to being able to trust humanity again. Any experience that gives you that ability is priceless.” - Heather Robinson

“My experience at the Alpha Boys School in Kingston, Jamaica was beyond rewarding. I could have never imagined building a strong connection with all of the 80 boys and the Seton Hall group that attended the trip in 9 days! I came across one quotation on this service learning trip, “We all smile in the same language.” Beside our differences in culture and language, it was our happiness and love for one another that brought us together. This trip has impacted my life, and I will never forget the wonderful memories it has given me.” - Daniela Mallia

“The boys at Alpha are unlike anyone I’ve ever met. This service trip was focused on changing and helping the lives of others and little did we know it would change our lives as well. Seeing the smiles that were brought upon their faces as we tutored, played football, and spoke with them, is a feeling that will stay with me forever. The impact of being able to listen, have a simple conversation, see a smile, and give a hug is absolutely extraordinary. We entered this service trip as volunteers and left as one big family. This journey has been incredible and it is not goodbye, but simply see you soon!” - Kimberly Schindler

“My experience at The Alpha Boys School was absolutely life changing, not only did we make a difference in these boys lives; they have also made a huge impact on our lives as well. […] The close connection we made with these boys allowed them to open up to us about their stories, which literally bought me to tears. The obstacles these boys face daily is absolutely heartbreaking but their strength and courage to not give up and to keep going and work hard so that they could have a better future for themselves is very inspiring. The entire time that we were there I never heard any of them complain about their circumstance. I never knew how much a simple hug or a listening ear could make such a difference on someone’s life.” - Danielle White

It was a valuable experience for all participants involved, and further developed the connection between Seton Hall University and the Alpha Boys School and Orphanage that the Dean’s Office greatly looks forward to continuing in the future.

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