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Digital Organizational Communication: Exploring the Implications of Social Media for the Church by Dr. Robinson
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Communication is the foundation of human interaction, connection, and community. It's the essence of interpersonal relationships, organizational and workplace life. Communication occurs in multiple contexts and forms and across institutions and networks, which usually results in challenges for the interacting parties. The more individuals involved in the communication act, the more complex the interaction and the greater the likelihood of miscommunication. The channel selected to convey a message also affects the communication process and its outcomes for participants. Given the complexities of communication, organizations struggle with communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders. As organizations, churches are confronted with communication challenges about how to reach congregations and potential members, share their message and mission, and ways in which to build community among its members. Successfully overcoming these challenges hinges upon organizational communication competencies that involve an institutional understanding of the communication process, its elements, forms and the rules that guide interactions in specific contexts. This presentation examines social media, and the implications of this communication channel for church organizations. Social media platforms, the challenges and opportunities presented by social media, and recommendations for church communication practices involving social media are discussed with the intent of advancing organizational communication competencies in churches.

Dr. Robinson will present on Digital Communications, February 6 at 4:30 p.m., in Walsh Library, Beck Rooms A&B.

Dr. Renee RobinsonBiography: Dr. Renee Robinson is an Associate Professor of Communication at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Her communication areas of expertise include organizational communication and instructional communication. Dr. Robinson has presented over 70 papers at regional, national, and international conferences such as the Central States Communication Association, National Communication Association and the International Communication Association on organizational communication and instructional communication topics. She has also published several articles, book chapters and texts on the topics of communication classroom assessment, communication pedagogy, and computer mediated communication and classroom instruction as well as mobile technologies and student engagement. Dr. Robinson just completed a book, Communicating with Technology: A Guide for Professional Digital Interactions, released in January of this year. She is currently co-authoring a second book examining the intersections and pedagogical implications for mobile technology and communication in instructional settings. Dr. Robinson is also a reviewer for ERO, Educause Review Online, sponsored by EDUCAUSE, and has recently been invited to be a contributor and reviewer for EdTechnology Ideas a new academic journal.


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