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The Reality of Cooperation
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Leaders in Healthcare Disaster SimulationSprawled across desks in the back right corner of this disastrous classroom is the "injured" Matthew Masiello, a second-year Speech-Language Pathology student. His "injuries" are a result of a pipe explosion. Thankfully, this is only a mock crisis. Last spring, Masiello expanded his healthcare horizons by volunteering as a victim in the emergency-response drill staged by the Seton Hall College of Nursing's Leaders in Healthcare club. 

Masiello's participation honed his appreciation for interprofessional practice, which is a cornerstone of the Interprofessional Education (IPE) strategic initiative at the School of Health and Medical Sciences. "Working as a team with other healthcare professionals is essential to overall progress with a patient. You need to work together and not just view the patient through your own professional lens, but also view his or her entire well-being," Masiello says about the eye-opening experience. "Don't take things personally if your profession is not the number one priority, because it won't always be. You need to know, at that time, what is most important for this person's life." 

This story originally appeared in the 2013 issue of Insights magazine, published annually by the School of Health and Medical Sciences. Read the rest of the magazine here.

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