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Anthony Sciglitano, Ph.D, Will Teach A New Course in the Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program
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Anthony Sciglitano, Ph.DAnthony Sciglitano, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of Seton Hall's Department of Religion, will teach Christian Theologies of Judaism: Ancient and Modern during the Spring 2014 semester. This course, being taught for the first time in the Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program, seeks to draw an analogy between the early period of Christian development and the modern cultural situation of Christians as both are times when Christian self-definition is fluid and in contention and when relation to Judaism is of defining interest.

Students taking this class will study the different ways in which Christian thinkers from early and modern Christianity understand Judaism in relation to both Christianity and to their surrounding cultural milieu, including religious, mythological and philosophical discourses. Of particular interest will be how Christians think of themes such as covenant, law, freedom, revelation, religion, God and history in relation to Judaism and how Christians define themselves in continuity and discontinuity with the Jewish people. Towards the end of the class, focus will switch and briefly examine Christianity through Jewish eyes.

Dr. Sciglitano is also the Director of the University Core Curriculum, and his primary areas of interest are theological hermeneutics; theology, religion and secularism; theology of religions; and fundamental religion. His most recent publications include:

"Nihilism," in the New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-13: Ethics and Philosophy. Ed. Robert L. Fastiggi. 4 vols. (Detroit: Gale, 2013).

"Gianni Vattimo and Saint Paul: Ontological Weakening, Kenosis and Secularity," in Paul in the Grip of the Philosophers, ed. by Peter Frick (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2013).

Forthcoming: Marcion and Prometheus: Balthasar against the Expulsion of Jewish Origins from Modern Religious Dialogue (NY: Crossroad Publishing, 2013) (Official Publication Date is April 1, 2014).

For more information please contact:
Lawrence Frizzell
(973) 761-9751


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