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Robert Mayers '10/M.B.A. '12Robert Mayers '10/M.B.A. '12 joined the Alumni Relations team at Seton Hall in May, 2013. As the Associate Director of Alumni Clubs, Mayers oversees the alumni clubs that bring together graduates with similar career, service and social interests and affinities.

1. What are your responsibilities in your role?
My position was created to serve as a liaison between our various alumni clubs and the University. Alumni clubs are created to bring graduates together with a similar career, service, interest or affinities. The club can be created based on your experiences at Seton Hall or a new interest. My role is to partner with club leaders who plan events for their respective groups throughout the year and ultimately, help them grow as a group. Upon starting in this position, I realized we had an extensive group of existing clubs but my responsibility is to grow our club program even more. As it stands currently, we have five new alumni clubs that have been created since May. I'm happy to share that several more clubs are in the application process of being created.

Another responsibility I have is to build and grow a corporate alumni club program. There are countless companies that employ large concentrations of Seton Hall alumni. In many cases, these alumni do not really know they have such a great internal network of fellow Pirates. My job is to foster these connections and reconnect them with Seton Hall.

2. What is one of your favorite experiences so far while working with alumni clubs?
My favorite experience so far has been simply meeting the dedicated and loyal alumni who have worked so hard to establish these clubs. In my first month on the job I made an effort to meet and talk with individuals from each existing club. Their love for Seton Hall was very evident and it makes my job enjoyable.

3. What are your goals?
My short and long term goals are relatively similar. I want to be able to reach as many alumni as possible and connect them to each other based on a common affinity. This includes growing our existing clubs, but also expanding and creating new clubs. This has been an effective way for our alumni to interact and network and it can only go up from here.

4. How can alumni find out more about being involved with Seton Hall clubs?
If any alumni are interested in more information, they can visit There they’ll find my contact information, a list of all our existing clubs and how to form a club of their own.

5. What is your favorite thing about working at Seton Hall?
Seton Hall has been an important part of my life since my childhood. My mother is an alumna so I was going to basketball games at a very early age. I ended up attending Seton Hall for my undergraduate degree as well as my master's degree, so to be working here is really a dream come true. 

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