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DAVABrochureCoverPhotoHave you heard about Seton Hall’s online undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in Data Visualization and Analysis (DAVA)? DAVA teaches students how to analyze and portray data in an attractive and vivid design format. Courses focus on preparing students to analyze real world data with statistics and machine learning tools in order to study data and present findings. Enrollment in the program is already benefiting two current SHU students, Anna Calka and Jonathan Arena.

Anna Calka is a graduate student in the Masters of Experimental Psychology and DAVA programs. As a graduate assistant in the Office of the Provost, Anna uses the skills and techniques that she has learned through the DAVA program to analyze university data, such as graduation rates and statistical trends across majors. Anna transforms raw data into user-friendly graphics to help improve University decision-making. Anna explains, “In the DAVA program we utilize Tableau software, which helps us to create graphics. Tableau is the software that data analysts generally use the most often. I like it because you can take pages and pages of information and actually do something with it to help people understand all of the data.”

Jonathan Arena is a senior Mathematics major, enrolled in the DAVA program. Jonathan currently interns in digital advertising at global media company CPXi in New York City. Jonathan says that his role is to “make the data that I analyze visually attractive so that my supervisors instantly know what it’s telling us. My work makes their decision process much more efficient. The DAVA program provided me with the fundamentals of how to use industry-standard software so when I started at CPXi, there was essentially no on-the-job training involved. I was able to make an immediate impact.”

Although the cutting-edge DAVA program was just established during the 2012-2013 academic year, demand for graduates of the certificate program continues to grow. To learn more about DAVA or to enroll in the certificate programs, visit

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