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Employees Welcome International Students to Their Thanksgiving Celebration
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ThanksgivingSeton Hall's international students generally don’t go home for Thanksgiving. Instead, many will be joining University employees and experiencing a very special American holiday close to campus. Students will have a chance to take part in an American Thanksgiving as University employees make room at their dinner table for some special guests.

The Office of International Programs, which helps more than 400 students from over 70 countries, is looking for faculty and administrative volunteers who would like to be a part of this unique blending of cultures. While students will be able to learn about a holiday that is rich in history and personal reflection, employees will also be exposed to a cross cultural exchange with their student guests. "My family is looking forward to sharing our Thanksgiving traditions with students who may not have experienced this holiday before," said Linda Karten, who works with the Department of Public Relations and Marketing. "This is the first year that we're volunteering and it's very exciting. I hope the students enjoy what we'll be serving and all the family fun."

The list of volunteers grows with each passing day. University families participating live in towns as close as Maplewood and as far as Princeton Junction. To become a part of this unique opportunity and touch lives this Thanksgiving, contact the Office of International Programs at

For more information please contact:
Michael DeJianne
(973) 761-9072


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