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Faculty Participants Needed for Study about Critical Thinking Skills
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ThinkingResearchers in the School of Health and Medical Sciences are looking for faculty at Seton Hall University to participate in a study that seeks to understand faculty’s critical thinking skills. If you are a full-time faculty member at Seton Hall, you are eligible to participate. Please respond by December 31, 2013.

Participants will be asked to anonymously complete two surveys that will provide information on critical thinking skills and general demographic information. To complete the surveys, we ask that you access the following link (below) and follow the instructions below provided by Insight Assessment to The California Critical Thinking Skills Test:

This entire process should take approximately 60 minutes. Please be sure that you have allowed yourself plenty of time and, if using a laptop, have plenty of battery life to complete the test.

1. Begin by opening Internet Explorer and going to (Browsers other than Internet Explorer may work but are not officially supported by Insight Assessment.)

2. Please read the remainder of these instructions before moving on. Once the test taker interface has opened, it can be minimized so that you can refer back to these instructions with questions.

3. Next, locate and select the yellow “Test Taker Login” Button.

4. Once you’ve reached the Blue Login Screen, please enter the following User ID and Password:

Login: SHUfaculty
Password: FACULTY2013

5. Read the warning screen and select “Continue.” Our system will then check to make sure that your computer has an updated version of Java. Please be patient and follow any instructions that appear allowing the system to either “open” or “run” the program. If you have trouble here, please follow this link to run our system verification tool on your computer:

6. Please fill in ALL of the fields on the personal profile page. *You MUST click on the “Save Profile” button before the system will allow you to select the “Continue” button. If you cannot save your profile, please be sure that all fields have been filled out. If you cannot see the Save button you may need to scroll up or down.

7. Select the CCT-G835 then click “Continue”.

8. Accept the User Agreement Terms.

9. Read the test instructions and continue to take the exam.

10. *You may need to scroll up or down to see the navigational arrows and the “Done with test/survey” button.*

11. Once you’ve completed the test and submitted your results, you can print your result report if you’d like to do so.

12. Click the “Log Out” button in the top right corner of the screen.

You are asked to complete the surveys in a quiet place of your choice. Participation in this study will require no more than 60 minutes of your time. Participation is completely on a volunteer basis and you can decide not to participate at any time during the study. All data will be kept confidential and locked in a file cabinet with access only to the primary researchers. All information will be kept for a minimum of three years and then shredded.

If you have any additional questions regarding this study please feel free to contact:

Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD
Professor, Department of Graduate Programs in Health Sciences
School of Health and Medical Sciences


Catherine Maher, PT, DPT, GCS
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
School of Health and Medical Science

This research has been approved by the Seton Hall University IRB: Office of IRB, Presidents Hall, SHU, South Orange, NJ 07079 (phone number: 973-313-6314).

For more information please contact:
Lori Riley
(973) 313-6077


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