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SkyDrive Pro File/Folder Sharing Instructions
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Student with LaptopWhen sharing a folder or file in your SkyDrive Pro account, please make sure to choose the appropriate list of users who will have access to the file or folder and the type of access they will have.

Once you have logged into your SkyDrive Pro account via Office 365:

  1. Click on the "Open Menu" icon (3 horizontal dots) located to the right of the file or folder name you wish to share

  2. Click on "Share". (You can also click on the "Files" tab on the top left hand corner to bring up the tool bar to click on the "Share" button once you select the file or folder you wish to share)

  3. Under the invite people box, you can add the people you wish to share your file or folder with by typing in their full e-mail address or by searching for their name. (When sharing with SHU faculty, staff or any external e-mail address outside of the SHU network, please uncheck the "Require sign-in" option)

  4. You can also set the type of permission the users will have by selecting "Can Edit" feature to give users access to manipulate files or "Can View" to only give them access to view the selected file or folder.

*Note: Due to possible latency issues, it may take up 10 minutes or more to receive the confirmation e-mail and/or to access the shared file or folder correctly. It is also recommended to open a new web browser session if you are unable to access the shared file*

Please use caution when adding important or personal material in folders like the "Shared with Everyone" folder or setting items to be shared with "Everyone" or "Everyone except external users". This will make the specified files accessible to all students that currently have access to an SHU Office 365 account

If should have any questions please feel free to contact the Service Desk at any time.

For more information please contact:
Seton Hall IT Service Desk
(973) 275-2222


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