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Professor Connell Publishes Machiavelli Discovery
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Review of PoliticsProfessor William Connell of the Department of History, who holds the La Motta Chair in Italian Studies, has published a major discovery concerning Machiavelli's famous book, The Prince. Documents he found in the notarial archives of Florence have allowed him to assign a date for the completion and presentation of The Prince to the ruler of Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici the Younger. Scholars have long wondered when The Prince was completed, and some have argued (as a way of excusing the book's harsh lessons) that Machiavelli never finished it. 

Connell shows that The Prince was a deeply considered work that was conceived and written over many years before its presentation. His article has just been published as the lead article in a number devoted to Machiavelli that marks the 75th anniversary of The Review of Politics, a leading political science journal published by the University of Notre Dame. He recently presented this research at a symposium held at Harvard University.

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