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Zombies Walk for Halloween Safety
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ZombiesOn Tuesday, October 29, Seton Hall's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), along with Housing and Residence Life and Public Safety and Security, will be hosting their first annual SHU Zombie Walk open to all SHU students and staff who wish to "wreak havoc" on campus. The walk will begin at 7 p.m. under the flag poles near Cabrini Hall and the "undead" will continue the walk throughout campus distributing Halloween candy and cheer. Public Safety and Security will feature a "Wheel of Misfortune" trivia game to promote public safety and emergency preparedness and will provide snacks to the participating Zombies along with priority points for resident participants.  

"The purpose of this event is to spread Halloween cheer to the campus while promoting personal safety and preparedness during the Halloween season," explained Joseph Pastino, a CERT member and residence coordinator.

The Zombie Walk is just one of a wave of similar events sweeping the country partly as a reaction to the rising popularity of zombie-related television shows and movies such as "The Walking Dead" and "Zombieland." Earlier this month, New Jersey broke a Guinness World Record by hosting the largest zombie walk in the world in Asbury Park. The first recorded Zombie Walk took place in Toronto in 2003. Since then, the idea has spread around the globe, with walks typically serving as charitable events seeking donations of blood and food. According to New Jersey’s Zombie Walk website, "World Zombie Day" occurs on the 26th of October when "a mass effort will be taken on worldwide to prove that charity, goodwill, and zombie love can flourish in every nation regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or religion, and no matter where or how we die."

For more information please contact:
Joseph Pastino
(973) 275-2523


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