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Pirate's Eye OnErika Klinger, M.A. '11 joined the Alumni Relations team at Seton Hall in May, 2013. As Associate Director of Campus Partnerships, Klinger oversees a variety of initiatives including the University's alumni volunteer programs, school and college alumni engagement and the True Blue alumni recognition program, among others.

1. What are your responsibilities in your position?

My position was created in Alumni Relations to focus on volunteers and the many alumni who want to give back to their University in a variety of ways such as community service, representing The Hall at a local college fair, helping current students “practice their pitch” at a Career Center event, or writing a welcome message to our incoming freshmen class. I am responsible for developing volunteer opportunities for alumni as well as working with our campus community to think of new opportunities to offer alumni to remain connected to Seton Hall and ultimately, give back with their time.

Additionally, I serve as the liaison with our many campus partners including the Career Center, Undergraduate Admissions as well as the schools and colleges that make up the University. I was also tasked with launching the new True Blue program at Seton Hall Weekend.

2. True Blue is Seton Hall's new alumni recognition program. What exactly does this program offer for alumni?

This program is all about recognition – recognizing alumni for the time, talent, treasure, and pride for the University. Our hope is that all alumni will want to stay connected to the University and give back. This program allows us to recognize alumni for all of their efforts. In short, alumni need to complete four things annually to be considered True Blue. The first is to remain connected to the University – making sure we have your most recent contact information. We want alumni to keep in touch with Seton Hall so that Alumni Relations can keep you up-to-date with events, volunteer opportunities, and all of the exciting things that are happening at the University. The second is for alumni to be active in the campus community, whether it is attending an event for his/her school, volunteering at an Admissions event, or mentoring a current student. The third is to give a donation in any amount to any fund at the University. Lastly, alumni should show their Pirate pride and let their blue shine through. Most alumni have a Seton Hall shirt or perhaps have a car magnet to show off, or have their diplomas displaying in their office – these are all examples of showing pride in the University. You can find out more about the program here:

3. What is one of your favorite experiences so far?

I would have to say that launching True Blue has been my favorite experience so far. I’ve worked at the University for six years and I’ve never felt so much pride and spirit for the University in one area like that morning we launched True Blue. Aside from enjoying all of the confetti and streamers, it was great to see all of the alumni return to their college home and get to listen to their stories. It was also great to meet all of the parents who attended because that of course adds to the excitement of the day!

4. What are your short term/long term goals?

In my current position, my short term goal is to work hard developing a volunteer program which allows alumni to give back to their University. I’ve been in this position for 5 months and the amount of interest I’ve seen with alumni wanting to give back has been overwhelming, and so it is my job to make sure we are creating those opportunities for alumni. Long term, I hope to increase the use of alumni volunteers, develop new programming for alumni to attend as well as different volunteer opportunities to connect with prospective students, parents, fellow alumni, etc.

5. What is your favorite thing about working at Seton Hall?

My favorite thing about working for Seton Hall is the community. When you arrive on campus you feel very welcome and that has carried through during my time at the University. I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside people who are not only easy to work with but are all working to for the betterment of Seton Hall. I think it is so great to find an institution and the people who work for it who are as devoted as this campus is to its students, faculty, administrators, parents and alumni.

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