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MPA Student Runs with Booker
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Nephrae Blair with Corey BookerNephrae Blair, current Seton Hall MPA student from Montclair, recently met Corey Booker when he took the advice of fellow student Alejandro Rodas to attend a Booker campaign event publicized largely on twitter. The "Run with Corey" events are being held throughout the state of New Jersey and basically involve walking/running about two miles with the U.S. Senate hopeful. Nephrae was happy to represent the Seton Hall MPA program at the event.

It is not a surprise to see Nephrae, or "Neph" as fellow students know him, rubbing shoulders with those in political office. Neph's interest in politics goes back as far as high school where he served as vice president of his graduating class. Organizing fundraisers for local food pantries, working for the YMCA of Montclair, spending time in Italy as an amateur archaeologist, and working as an intern for Congressman Bill Pascrell while pursuing his undergraduate degree in political science are just a few of the lines you'll find on his diverse resume. Last year he had the chance to meet Cuban Ambassador Rodolfo Reyes though an event held by the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy and now he's running through the streets of Montclair with Corey Booker! Needless to say, Neph is the type of student who sees opportunity and gravitates towards it. Nephrae intends to graduate from Seton Hall University in 2016 and hopes to one day write political biographies.

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