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International Academic Experience: Graduate Students Broaden Horizons at the Speech-Language Therapy Summer School at TEI of Western Greece
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SHMSgreece150This summer, five graduate students in the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program at the School of Health and Medical Sciences traveled to Patras, Greece, to attend the Speech-Language Therapy Summer School at the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece

When first presented with this opportunity, the SLP students, Mary Carlson, Dana Cunningham, Megan James, Kelly Joao and Jacqueline Nasisi, viewed it as a profession-based learning experience in a different part of the world. They did not realize how much they would learn from the presenters, as well as from the international students attending the symposium. They were able to glean information about diverse cultural perspectives in the field of speech therapy, and also about the way of life of other international students.  

SHMSgreeceDuring the symposium, a different topic was presented each day, including communicative participation, problem-based learning, comorbidity, emerging issues and new trends, and professional practice. Most days consisted of a large lecture with all students, followed by smaller group discussions on specific topics. The students also participated in problem-based learning exercises related to individual case studies. A little sightseeing was on the agenda, too: the students enjoyed an excursion to Olympia and toured the Olympic Stadium.   

One of the most interesting things that the SHMS students learned at the symposium was the role that singing and acting play in several international programs. For example, students from The Netherlands reported class requirements and the clinical application of singing and acting in speech therapy, as a way to exercise and relax the the vocal folds. These therapies can improve voice function, such as volume increase and accuracy of production. The SHMS students also learned about each country's educational requirements for becoming a speech therapist. SHMS was the only master's program attending the symposium, as most European schools require a three-year bachelor's degree to practice.   

The opportunity to visit Greece for the international symposium truly broadened the horizons of these SHMS students. They learned a great deal about international speech therapy by listening to lectures and interacting with their peers, and they would highly recommend this experience to future graduate students.

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