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Panel discussion "Russia's Search for an Identity and Its Impact on U.S.-Russian Relations"
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Thursday, October 17, 6:30 pm, Fahy Hall 236, Seton Hall University campus

History professors Maxim Matusevich and Nathaniel Knight will lead an open panel discussion focusing on recent political developments in Russia and their impact on U.S.-Russian relations. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transitional turmoil of the 1990s Russia once again has been asserting itself as a major international player, an ascendancy most vividly demonstrated during the recent chemical weapons crisis in Syria. While Russia under the rule of its long-time president Vladimir Putin has emerged as a resource-wealthy and influential nation its regime often finds itself at odds both with Russia's Western partners and its own educated elites, disillusioned by the high levels of economic corruption and political repression. Vladimir Putin's response to this challenges often veered towards a defensive stance emphasizing Russia's "traditional" values and "unique" development path. As a result anti-Western, and especially anti-American, sentiments have often boiled to the surface of impassioned political debates whereby the urban educated and professional elites, demanding transparency and accountability by the regime, have been routinely accused of kowtowing to the West. Considering Russia's newly gained international visibility, its prominent role on the UN Security Council, and its enormous wealth in mineral resources, the outcome of these domestic debates in Russia can be of profound importance for U.S.-Russian relations and the stability of international environment.

This event is co-sponsored by the Russian and East European Studies Program, the History Department, and the Slavic Club. It is free and open to the public. Slavic refreshments will be served.


For more information please contact:
Maxim Matusevich
(973) 761-9386


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